Frequently asked questions

Why is my parcel stuck for a long time at a certain location?

If your shipment's tracking information has not been updated, it typically means that the parcel is still en route to the destination country or that the carrier has not updated the tracking system. It is also possible that certain shipping methods do not support continuous tracking updates.

If you are concerned about the status of your parcel, you should contact the sender for more detailed information. The sender has access to all relevant shipping details and can initiate a formal inquiry with the carrier in their country to locate your parcel.

Why is my tracking result showing "not found"?

The "not found" message indicates that no information could be retrieved for the provided tracking number. We suggest you first verify the accuracy of the tracking number you entered. If there is a possibility of an error, please contact the shipper to confirm the correct number.

If the tracking number is correct, it may still take 1-3 days for the tracking information to become available. We recommend waiting a few days for the system to update.

I haven't received my order; can I get a refund?

If you wish to request a refund, you must directly contact the seller or shipper who dispatched the parcel to you.

How can I change the shipping address?

Once a shipment is en route, the shipping address cannot be altered. You should wait until the package arrives in your country, at which point you can request an address change through your local shipping carrier.

Is there any additional information required to track a shipment?

Yes, in certain cases, tracking a shipment may require more information than just the tracking number. While the tracking number suffices for most companies, others might need additional details to provide precise tracking updates. This could include the destination postal code, the last four digits of the recipient's phone number, or the email address linked to the order. We gather this information to enhance our communication with the shipping company and to ensure we can offer you the most accurate and current tracking information for your shipment.