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SpeedPAK is a Chinese logistics company that provides express delivery services for ecommerce


Track SpeedPAK parcels


SpeedPAK is a Chinese logistics company that provides express delivery services for ecommerce.

SpeedPAK is a joint venture between a leader in Chinese private equity investment, CITI CPE, and the a pioneer of global e-commerce platform, eBay. Hence supporting our cause with tremendous amount of resources and years of successful experience within the industry. With our enriched background and strong foundation, our product is aimed to redefine our users’ experiences though Speed, Stability, Transparency, Cost Optimization, and Sustainability.

SpeedPAK has pickup offices in 26 provinces and 185 cities in China (Starting with 1 package, no service fee).

Track SpeedPAK parcels

To track SpeedPAK parcels you only need a valid tracking number that is similar to ES10012341351300001010001D0N, put your tracking number in the tracking field above and click on the "Tracking" button, then you will be redirected to a page with all the information about Your parcel including locations and dates.

What do SpeedPAK tracking numbers look like?

When trying to track SpeedPAK parcels you need to know how does SpeedPAK tracking numbers look like, right? in this page you will know every thing about SpeedPAK tracking numbers.

First the SpeedPAK tracking numbers has 28 characters in total, it starts with 2 letters followed by 23 numbers followed by 3 random characters e.g. ES10012349351300001010001D0N

SpeedPAK tracking numbers can be summarized as follows:

(# = Letter / * = number /! = Number or letter)

  • ES *** *** *** *** * ## *** *** ** # * #
  • EE *** *** *** *** * ## *** *** ** # * #

As you see the tracking number starts with ES or EE

  1. "EE" for SpeedPAK Economic service
  2. "ES" for SpeedPAK Standard service

How long does SpeedPAK take to deliver the package?

  1. SpeedPAK mentioned on the official website that delivery time for standard service is 8-12 business days and 10-15 business days for Economic service.