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1ST Group is a Chinese logistics company headquartered in Shenzhen, China.


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1ST Group, headquartered in the industrious Huaide Cuigang Industrial Park, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China, is a leading logistics company that has carved a niche for itself in the global shipping and logistics industry. Located at Building 36, zone 5, this company leverages its strategic position in one of China's most significant economic and technological hubs to provide comprehensive logistics solutions. Specializing in both B2B and B2C services, 1ST Group facilitates seamless customs clearance and delivery, partnering with global giants like UPS, FedEx, DHL to ensure efficient and reliable transportation of goods across major markets including the USA, Canada, the UK, other European countries, and Japan.

Services Offered by 1ST Group

1ST Group's service portfolio encompasses a wide array of logistics solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of its clientele. From handling intricate B2B supply chains to ensuring the smooth transit of B2C e-commerce parcels, the company adeptly manages every aspect of logistics and customs clearance. By collaborating with renowned international carriers, 1ST Group extends its reach, offering clients a reliable conduit for their international shipping needs, thereby connecting businesses and consumers across continents with ease and efficiency.

Shipment Tracking with 1ST Group

How Shipment Tracking Works

1ST Group's tracking system offers customers peace of mind by providing real-time updates on the whereabouts of their shipments. Once a parcel is dispatched, clients receive a tracking number, which is the key to accessing up-to-date information on the package's journey. This transparency in the shipping process not only enhances customer satisfaction but also reinforces trust in 1ST Group's services.

Tracking Number Formats

The tracking numbers for parcels shipped with 1ST Group follow a distinct format, beginning with the prefix '1ST' and followed by a series of numbers. This unique identifier allows for easy tracking of shipments through 1ST Group's website or directly through the websites of their partner carriers like UPS, FedEx, or DHL, depending on who is handling the delivery.

Shipment Delivery Time

Delivery times for shipments handled by 1ST Group vary based on the destination and the specific carrier involved. For deliveries to the USA, Canada, and the UK, as well as other European countries and Japan, the company strives to expedite transit, typically achieving delivery within standard time frames established by the partner carriers. For example, shipments to the USA and Canada might take anywhere from 3 to 7 business days with express services, while deliveries to the UK and Europe could range from 5 to 10 business days, depending on customs clearance processes and the specific logistics of the destination country.

How to track 1ST Group shipments?

To track a 1ST Group shipment, enter your tracking number into the designated field and click on the "Carrier" button. Then, select "1ST" from the options. If you are unsure about which carrier is handling your shipment, the system can automatically identify the carrier for you. Next, click the "Track" button. You will be redirected to a tracking results page, where detailed information about your shipment's status and location is displayed.

Contacting 1ST Group for Shipment Issues

In the event of any issues with shipments, such as delays or missing parcels, it is recommended that customers first contact the seller or supplier from whom they purchased the product. This approach often yields faster and more effective resolution, as sellers have established communication channels with 1ST Group. Additionally, for purchases made through online marketplaces like eBay or AliExpress, contacting the seller directly is advisable. In cases where shipments are not delivered or if there are any discrepancies, customers have the option to open a dispute on the respective platform to seek a resolution or refund.

1ST Group's commitment to leveraging its strategic location in Shenzhen, along with its partnerships with global shipping carriers, positions it as a vital player in international logistics. By offering robust tracking solutions and efficient delivery services, 1ST Group ensures that businesses and consumers around the world can connect and transact with confidence and ease.

Frequently Asked Questions about 1ST Group

What should I do if my tracking number isn't working?

If your tracking number provided by 1ST Group isn't working, first ensure that you've entered the number correctly. If it still doesn't work, there might be a delay in the system's update. Please wait for a few hours and try again. If the issue persists, contact the seller or supplier for further assistance, as they can directly liaise with 1ST Group on your behalf.

My package is marked as delivered, but I haven't received it. What steps should I take?

If your package is marked as delivered but you haven't received it, check around your delivery location for any notice of attempted delivery or with neighbors who might have received the package on your behalf. If you still cannot locate your package, contact the seller or supplier immediately to report the issue. They can initiate an inquiry with 1ST Group or the partner carrier to locate your shipment.

Can I change the delivery address after my package has been sent?

Once a package has been dispatched, changing the delivery address can be challenging and is typically not possible. However, you should immediately inform the seller or supplier of the incorrect address. They may be able to communicate with 1ST Group or the partner carrier to see if a change is feasible, depending on the shipment's current status.

What are the typical delivery times for 1ST Group shipments?

Delivery times vary depending on the destination and the partner carrier involved. Generally, domestic shipments within China are completed within 1-3 business days. International shipments to the USA, Canada, the UK, other European countries, and Japan can take anywhere from 3 to 14 business days, subject to customs clearance and specific carrier timelines.

What happens if I miss the delivery of my package?

If you miss the delivery of your package, the carrier will usually leave a notice with instructions for rescheduling the delivery or picking up the package from a local office. Follow the instructions on the notice or contact the seller or supplier to arrange for a redelivery at a more convenient time.

How do I report a lost or damaged package with 1ST Group?

To report a lost or damaged package shipped with 1ST Group, contact the seller or supplier from whom you purchased the item. They have the necessary information and access to 1ST Group's support system to file a claim on your behalf. Be sure to provide all relevant details and any evidence of damage to assist with the claim process.