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China Post is a state-owned enterprise operating the official postal service of China established in 1949


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China Post

China Post is a state-owned enterprise operating the official postal service of China, it was established in 1949 and headquartered in No. A3 Jinrong Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China. This large company has more than 927,171 employees and more than 373,600 postal offices and branches. Due to the development of the e-commerce sector, and because China is considered the factory of the world, most e-commerce stores use China Post to send parcels to the world due to its low cost. Also China Post is available on many international postal services, including small parcels and parcels in addition to EMS services.

How do I track China Post shipments? saves you a lot of time of searching China Post tracking websites, which are hard. This is why comes to exists to make sure this process is easy for you. To track your China Post shipments you just need a one thing is the tracking number, Put your tracking number at the field above and click the tracking button, Then you will be redirected to the tracking results page where you will find detailed information about your shipment including locations and dates.

What services does China Post provide?

China Post offers different postal services depending on the type of shipment required by the customer, it provides fast shipping methods and economical shipping methods etc...

International services for China Post include Small Parcel, Large Package and EMS. The Small parcel and large package of China Post can be tracked if registered. According to transportation methods, it can be divided into three categories:

  • Parcel, and Surface Parcel (SAL)
  • China Post air mail/parcel : is the mostly used one which is cheap and convenient
  • China Post EMS : is faster than China Post standard mail but more expensive.

China Post small packet service

China Post Air Mail for Small packets ship low-weight items from China to any where around the world. This service is considered less expensive compared to many other companies and packages that respect the following conditions can be shipped:

  1. To be less than 2KG
  2. To be less than 90 cm in length, width and depth combined. The largest dimensions should not exceed 60 cm.

This service is widely used due to the expansion of e-commerce around the world, which is provided by sites such as Amazon, eBay and AliExpress.

China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus

This mail is not registered and is characterized as being low cost, but it cannot be tracked and compensation cannot be obtained if it is lost.

China post registered parcel

This type is more expensive, but it provides tracking service and is used a lot in the field of e-commerce to transport clothes, accessories and electronic products ...

China post EMS (Express Mail Service)

China post EMS is a cargo delivery service provided by the China post corporation, logistics and other postal companies in the world. This service is the fastest among China post services, delivering documents, materials, urgent letters and all kinds of goods to and from other countries with high speed and high reliability.

How does China Post small packet tracking number look like?

China Post small packet tracking number consists of 13 characters, it starts with the letter "R" followed by another letter, followed by 9 digits, followed by 2 letter country code of China "CN" e.g. RL123456789CN, RR024518965CN

What does the tracking number for China Post "Small Packet Plus" look like?

China Post small packet tracking number consists of 9 numbers e.g. 123456789, 212548750 or 13 characters, it starts with the letter "U" followed by another letter, followed by 9 digits, followed by 2 letter country code of China "CN" e.g. UA562457809CN, UR024318961CN

How long does it take for "China Post small packet" parcels to deliver?

China Post small packet takes 5-10 days to reach Asian countries and 7-15 days to America and Europe, and 7-30 days to other countries.

How can I get compensation for lost or damaged China Post shipments?

You can get compensation for lost or damaged China Post shipments by contacting the seller or the sender of your shipments and ask him for compensation so he can contact China Post for you, please do not contact China Post if you are the recipient because China Post listen more to their customers (seller or sender).

If they will compensate you, they will do so under these terms:

  • Mail must be registered.
  • Compensation can be obtained for registered mail where the Chinese Post will assess the value of the goods and will compensate you, but you cannot recover the registration fee.
  • for the unregistered mail, You cannot get any compensation

China International Post Packages

China post provides this service for parcels that weighing more than two kilograms and less than 20, 30 or 40 kilograms. It is relatively slow compared to other courier services, but it is much cheaper and can be tracked if registered.

Track unregistered China Post parcel

Unregistered parcels can only be tracked while crossing in Chinese territory. And after its exit from China, it cannot be traced after that as an economic delivery, so it is not recorded during the passage of the crossing points. The tracking number in this case has 13 character, it begins with the letter U. followed by and other character followed by 9 digits followed by "CN", parcels sent to Kazakhstan are an exception to this rule. Unregistered parcels can be tracked there.

How does China post tracking numbers look like ?

China Post tracking numbers takes many different forms, but in general these are the most prominent forms that you will get if you have a tracking number for China Post or one of its services all can be summarized as follows:

(# = Letter / * = number /! = Number or letter)

  • A# *** *** *** CN
  • B# *** *** *** CN
  • C# *** *** *** CN
  • E# *** *** *** CN
  • F# *** *** *** CN
  • L# *** *** *** CN
  • P# *** *** *** CN
  • R# *** *** *** CN
  • S# *** *** *** CN
  • U# *** *** *** CN
  • V# *** *** *** CN
  • 68 *** *** * *** *** *** *

Estimated arrival time of parcel shipped by "China Post Airmail"

The delivery time is usually decided by the process time of the post offices and customs clearance condition.

Notice: The following times are for reference only, they may increase or decrease depending on the conditions in which your shipment passes

Destination countryAvg. Arrival daysMaximum arrival daysMinimum arrival days
Albania12 days19 days8 days
Argentina28 days48 days19 days
Armenia58 days90 days22 days
Azerbaijan13 days18 days7 days
Bahrain25 days33 days19 days
Bangladesh15 days27 days8 days
Belarus15 days26 days10 days
Belgium11 days44 days5 days
Bolivia46 days49 days40 days
Bosnia and Herzegovina47 days91 days12 days
Botswana33 days47 days18 days
Brazil24 days51 days7 days
Bulgaria37 days90 days6 days
Cambodia14 days16 days10 days
Canada30 days60 days10 days
Chile26 days56 days12 days
Colombia23 days36 days11 days
Costa Rica24 days54 days15 days
Croatia9 days10 days7 days
Cyprus27 days59 days12 days
Czech Republic16 days68 days7 days
Democratic Republic of the Congo11 days11 days11 days
Denmark10 days19 days4 days
Ecuador28 days32 days23 days
Egypt25 days26 days23 days
El Salvador45 days63 days29 days
Estonia24 days31 days17 days
Faroe Islands10 days10 days9 days
Fiji43 days56 days31 days
Finland11 days36 days6 days
France17 days44 days7 days
French Guiana34 days34 days34 days
Georgia25 days62 days14 days
Germany17 days21 days12 days
Ghana30 days56 days8 days
Greece35 days55 days16 days
Hungary18 days24 days8 days
Iceland14 days23 days10 days
India21 days51 days11 days
Indonesia15 days22 days12 days
Iran18 days21 days15 days
Ireland19 days26 days11 days
Israel24 days52 days13 days
Italy17 days28 days11 days
Jamaica20 days27 days14 days
Japan8 days14 days4 days
Jordan18 days33 days7 days
Kazakhstan39 days55 days25 days
Kuwait21 days27 days13 days
Latvia20 days28 days9 days
Lebanon27 days42 days18 days
Lithuania23 days43 days12 days
Luxembourg14 days24 days10 days
Macedonia20 days28 days13 days
Malaysia18 days30 days12 days
Maldives15 days15 days14 days
Malta15 days25 days8 days
Mauritius13 days16 days9 days
Mexico20 days39 days12 days
Moldova16 days25 days6 days
Mongolia6 days6 days6 days
Montenegro11 days13 days8 days
Morocco22 days36 days15 days
Myanmar10 days10 days10 days
Nepal13 days13 days13 days
New Zealand12 days15 days9 days
Nicaragua31 days31 days31 days
Nigeria15 days36 days7 days
Norway13 days30 days7 days
Oman20 days26 days14 days
Pakistan25 days45 days12 days
Panama31 days42 days19 days
Paraguay60 days72 days47 days
Peru51 days68 days9 days
Philippines14 days20 days9 days
Poland10 days16 days6 days
Portugal20 days31 days10 days
Qatar20 days20 days20 days
Romania18 days63 days10 days
Russia21 days39 days7 days
Saudi Arabia27 days51 days17 days
Serbia13 days21 days10 days
Singapore9 days14 days5 days
Slovakia10 days14 days8 days
Slovenia19 days35 days6 days
South Africa55 days88 days39 days
South Korea12 days21 days8 days
Spain18 days36 days9 days
Sri Lanka16 days24 days7 days
Sweden12 days21 days7 days
Switzerland10 days12 days8 days
Tanzania13 days13 days12 days
Thailand8 days14 days5 days
Turkey State18 days33 days11 days
United Arab Emirates16 days29 days11 days
Uganda14 days14 days14 days
United Kingdom12 days40 days6 days
Ukraine16 days31 days8 days
Uruguay20 days35 days13 days
United States16 days62 days8 days
Uzbekistan29 days38 days23 days
Venezuela20 days23 days16 days
Vietnam17 days22 days10 days
Zambia6 days6 days6 days
Zimbabwe16 days32 days10 days

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