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A Singaporean delivery service company that provides postal and logistic services locally and internationally.


Track Singapore post shipments and parcels

Singapore Post

Singapore Post Corporation Limited (Singapost) provides comprehensive services for collecting, sorting and distributing domestic and international mail, including direct mail and mail room management services. As the leading provider of locally delivered solutions as well as being the local provider of delivery services worldwide with its courier brand, Speedpost. This award-winning company provides a wide range of delivery solutions to all of its clients.

Tracking Singapore post company parcels

4tracking allow you to easily track Singapore post parcels. It is sufficient for you to put your tracking number in the blank box and click “Track”. Then you will get the latest available data on the location of the parcel and its next destination

How do I find the tracking number for Singapore Post?

The tracking number can be obtained in a number of ways, including:

  • The website from which you bought the item provides you with a tracking number
  • If you send a package, you will find the tracking number as well as other information within the papers that you receive after sending.

How long does it take for Singapore post parcel and shipments to arrive at its destination?

Delivery time varies according to regions of the world, and we will mention some of them:

  • South Asia: 5 to 10 days.
  • Western Europe: 7 to 15 days
  • Eastern Europe: 7 to 20 days
  • United States: 7 to 15 days
  • It is worth noting that regular mail takes 10-30 days longer.

What are the forms of the tracking number for Singapore Post?

  • (# = Letter / * = number /! = Number or letter)
  • A# *** *** *** SG
  • C# *** *** *** SG
  • D# *** *** *** SG
  • E# *** *** *** SG
  • L# *** *** *** SG
  • P# *** *** *** SG
  • Q# *** *** *** SG
  • R# *** *** *** SG
  • S# *** *** *** SG
  • U# *** *** *** SG
  • V# *** *** *** SG
  • MK *** *** ** XSG
  • MP *** *** ** XSG
  • MS *** *** ** XSG
  • CJ *** *** *** **
  • XC *** *** *** **
  • XR *** *** *** **
  • XZ *** *** *** **
  • 301197 *** ***
  • 302102 *** ***
  • CNSGS00 *** *** **

What does it mean that the parcel or shipment is (in transit) state for Singapore Post?

This sentence generally means that the parcel is on its way to the addressee.

What does it mean if the parcel or shipment is in (delivered) state for Singapore Post?

This means that the consignee has received the shipment and the delivery ends.

What does it mean if the parcel or shipment is in the (returned to sender) case for Singapore Post?

In many cases and for various reasons, the shipment is returned to the sender. Among these reasons are the failure of the recipient to receive his shipment within the specified time, or not ending the customs procedures ...

What do I do if the package or shipment is stolen or lost with Singapore Post?

Before placing an inquiry on the site, please make sure that the actual package or shipment is not reached

Please consider the following time period before submitting an inquiry:

  • For registered service mail items: Overseas Domestic (by air) - 18 working days after publication date.
  • Local to local - 7 working days after publication date.

Inquiries must be made within a period not exceeding six (6) months from the date of publication.

You can place the complaint through the following link: Singapore Post