Portugal Post - Portugal CTT

Portugal Post - Portugal CTT Tracking

Portugal Post also known as CTT is a Portuguese logistics company that operates as the national postal service in Portugal


Track CTT Portugal parcels

Portugal Post - Portugal CTT

Portugal Post also known as CTT is a Portuguese logistics company that operates as the national postal service in Portugal. It was established on November 6, 1520 by King Manuel I of Portugal and is based in Lisbon, Portugal. It has more than 12000 employees. CTT’s principal objectives are to deliver sustainable growth and improved profitability from each of its business units. To achieve these objectives, CTT has the following key strategies:

  • Maintain market leadership in mail and parcels and capitalize on economies of scale as a competitive advantage
  • Promote a regulatory framework that supports the USO sustainability
  • Maintain efficiency through continuous transformation programs
  • Develop the express and parcels business to take advantage of expected market growth, especially in the B2C segment
  • Strengthen financial services platform and offer a broader range of services

Track CTT packages

To track parcels that shipped using Portugal Post (CTT) you should follow the steps below :

  1. Go to https://www.4tracking.net main page or go the top of this page.
  2. Enter your Portugal Post (CTT) tracking number at the tracking field.
  3. Click on the "Track" button.
  4. Wait few seconds to get all information including locations and dates.

What do CTT tracking numbers look like?

When You want to track a package that shipped with Portugal Post (CTT) you need to know how Portugal Post (CTT) tracking number look like, right? the tracking number for Portugal Post (CTT) starts with 2 letters followed by 9 numbers followed by PT e.g. RH123456789PT.

Portugal Post (CTT) tracking numbers can be summarized as follows:

(# = Letter / * = number /! = Number or letter)

  • A# *** *** *** PT
  • C# *** *** *** PT
  • D# *** *** *** PT
  • E# *** *** *** PT
  • F# *** *** *** PT
  • G# *** *** *** PT
  • L# *** *** *** PT
  • O# *** *** *** PT
  • R# *** *** *** PT
  • S# *** *** *** PT
  • U# *** *** *** PT
  • V# *** *** *** PT
  • Y# *** *** *** PT
  • Z# *** *** *** PT

How long does CTT take to deliver the parcel?

For domestic parcels the delivery process starts directly on the next day, delivery can take from 24 hours up to a week depend on destination city location.

For International mail services a parcel that shipped from Portugal to America countries it can take up to 7 days to be delivered using an express mail service (EMS), and 16-30 days using International Standard Service. For neighboring countries like Spain delivery time can take 1-7 days only, and 7-15 days to other European countries.