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Purolator is a logistics company headquartered in Canada


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Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Purolator is Canada's leading integrated freight, package and logistics solutions provider. The company has earned a reputation for offering one of the country’s most extensive service networks, with a strong presence in both urban and rural areas. With a mission to connect Canada with the world, Purolator leverages its proprietary networks to ensure maximum accessibility and efficiency for its customers.

About Purolator

Founded in 1960, Purolator has grown to become a cornerstone of the Canadian parcel delivery market. Known for its commitment to innovation and customer service, the company offers an array of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of its customers. This includes domestic, international and freight shipping, same day and next day delivery, and specialty services like dangerous goods shipping and temperature-controlled solutions.

Headquarters and Operations

Operating out of its Mississauga, Ontario headquarters, Purolator maintains an extensive operations network across Canada, with hubs, terminals, retail outlets, and a dedicated fleet of vehicles. The company's commitment to sustainability is also noteworthy, with initiatives focused on green shipping options, fleet electrification, and responsible packaging.

How does Purolator package tracking work?

To keep customers informed of their package's progress, Purolator provides a straightforward tracking service. By entering a valid Purolator tracking number into the company's online tracking tool or using our package tracking platform, customers can quickly access detailed information about their package's location and status. Tracking numbers for Purolator typically have 12 characters and are alphanumeric, such as '331433313331'. This easy-to-use feature empowers customers with the knowledge they need about their package's journey.

How do I track Purolator packages?

To track a Purolator packages, enter the tracking number in the field above, click the "Carrier" button, and select "Purolator" If you're unsure which carrier is handling your package, let the system choose the carrier automatically on your behalf. After that, click the "Track" button, and you will be redirected to the tracking results page. Here, you will find detailed information about your package, including locations and dates.

Purolator delivery times and examples

Purolator is committed to delivering parcels in a timely manner. Depending on the specific service chosen, delivery times can vary. For instance, Purolator Express services offer guaranteed next-day delivery within Canada, while Purolator Ground service may take 2-5 days for domestic packages. International delivery times vary based on destination and customs processes.

How to Contact Purolator for Package Issues?

If you're experiencing any package issues or require additional assistance, Purolator's customer service team is equipped to provide the support you need.

Customer Service

For immediate help, you can contact Purolator's Customer Service at 1-888-SHIP-123 (1-888-744-7123). Their team is available:

  • Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 9 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday from 8 AM to 8 PM

Technical Support

For technical inquiries, reach out to Technical Support at 1-800-459-5599, operational from Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 8 PM ET.

Freight Customer Service

For freight-related questions, Purolator Freight Customer Service is accessible at 1-888-302-8819, with hours from Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 8 PM ET.

For other inquiries or to explore additional contact options such as email, live chat, or to submit a detailed form with your query, visit the Purolator Contact Us page at Purolator Contact Us. This page also offers extensive information about Purolator’s services and solutions.

Moreover, for any package issues or queries, Purolator provides support through their Facebook page at Purolator Facebook. Purolator is dedicated to delivering superior customer service and ensuring your concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions about Purolator

What kind of services does Purolator offer?

Purolator offers a range of services, including domestic, international, and freight shipping. They also offer specialty services like same-day and next-day delivery, dangerous goods shipping, and temperature-controlled solutions.

How do I track a package with Purolator?

You can track your Purolator package by visiting the company's website and entering your valid tracking number into the online tracking tool. You'll then be able to see detailed information about your package's location and status.

What does a Purolator tracking number look like?

Purolator tracking numbers typically consist of 12 alphanumeric characters, for example, '331433313331'.

How long does Purolator take to deliver?

Delivery times vary depending on the specific service chosen. Purolator Express services offer guaranteed next-day delivery within Canada, while Purolator Ground service typically takes 2-5 days for domestic packages. International delivery times vary based on the destination and customs processes.

Does Purolator deliver on weekends?

Yes, Purolator offers Saturday delivery service for select services and locations. You can check their website or contact customer service for more details.

What happens if I miss a delivery from Purolator?

If you miss a delivery from Purolator, the driver will typically leave a door hanger with information on the next delivery attempt or the location of the nearest Purolator depot where you can pick up your package.

Can I change my delivery address with Purolator after shipping?

Yes, Purolator allows for delivery address changes, but it may result in additional charges and may affect the delivery date. You should contact Purolator's customer service for help with this process.

Does Purolator deliver to the USA?

Yes, Purolator provides shipping services to the USA. They offer both express and standard services for parcels and freight destined for the USA.

How long does it take for Purolator to deliver to the USA?

Delivery times to the USA depend on the specific service chosen and the origin and destination of the package. Express services can deliver within 1-3 business days, while standard services may take longer.

How can I track my Purolator package to the USA?

You can track your package to the USA in the same way as domestic packages. Use the tracking number provided at the time of package and enter it into the tracking filed above.

What should I do if my Purolator package to the USA is delayed or lost?

If you suspect that your package is lost or delayed, contact Purolator's customer service. They will help track down your package or provide information on the next steps if it's confirmed to be lost.

Can I send a temperature-sensitive item to the USA with Purolator?

Yes, Purolator offers temperature-controlled shipping solutions. However, it's crucial to contact Purolator's customer service for detailed instructions and requirements when sending temperature-sensitive items.