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IML is a logistics company that provides express delivery services in Russia


Track IML parcels


IML is a logistics company that provides express delivery services in Russia, the company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Moscow, Street Vyborgskaya, 22 and has 800 delivery vans. IML gives its customers access to track their parcels and shipments online. The company is also Know as AMLRU and its refer to Russia IML.

IML became the first Russian company to offer customers next day delivery from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Today, next day delivery is carried out to more than 1000 settlements throughout Russia.

Track IML packages

4TRACKING package tracker will help you track your IML (AMLRU) packages, All You need is a IML tracking number, put your IML tracking number at the field above and click on the tracking button then wait for detailed information according your parcel.

What do IML tracking numbers look like?

IML Tracking numbers has 13 characters all of them are digits e.g. 7181567893254, 1506123456987.

All IML tracking number can be summarized as follows:

(# = Letter, * = Digit, ! = Letter Or Digit)

  • *** *** *** *** *
  • 1506 *** *** ***
  • 4951 *** *** ***
  • 6676 *** *** ***
  • 7181 *** *** ***
  • 7237 *** *** ***
  • 7411 *** *** ***
  • 7500 *** *** ***

How long does IML take to deliver parcels?

For parcels to be delivered within Moscow and St.Petersburg, the delivery time can only take 3 hours. and for other location delivery time can take 7-15 days depend on destination location.

For parcels that come outside Russia, IML waits for the parcel to arrive, then starts to deliver it to the customer within 7-15 days, some time it will take up to 45 day.

Does IML notify me that I have a parcel?

Yes, IML will send an SMS to the recipient's phone number in order to get their package.

IML weight limits

IML express has a limits for the packages that you will send with them, So you can send or receive a parcel that has weights up to 25kg.

Does IML deliver parcels to Kazakhstan?

Yes, IML delivers parcels all over Kazakhstan, providing an opportunity for seamless electronic commerce between Russia and Kazakhstan.

How do I contact IML customer service ?

Most of people when tying to contact the carrier service company they contact us instead of the carrier it self. So please make sure that you contact IML customer service by following does steps :

  1. Go to the official IML express service at
  2. You will see a list of IML phone numbers depend on the office location
  3. Select one of the phone numbers
  4. call them and explain your problem.

Please don't forget to your tracking number(s) when try to contact them.

You can also contact them via email at [email protected] or via the official website at

Examples of statuses which IML shipment tracking passes

Вручение адресату ~ Вручение
Выдан клиенту ~ Выдан клиенту
Выдан получателю
Завершено ~ Выдан клиенту
Заказ добавлен
Заказ покинул сортировочный центр
Заказ принят на сортировочном центре
Ожидается в регионе доставки ~ Подг. к отправке
Ожидается комплектация заказа
Ожидается на складе
Ожидается на складе ~ Заказ ожидается на сортировочном центре
Ожидается на складе ~ Ожидается комплектация заказа
Партионный ~ Прием
Перенесено ~ Дост. перенесена
Перенос даты доставки
Подготовка к доставке курьером
Покинуло место приёма ~ Обработка
Покинуло сортировочный центр ~ Обработка
Посылка была отправлена
Прибыло в место вручения ~ Обработка
Прибыло в сортировочный центр ~ Обработка
Принят на складе
Принят на складе ~ Заказ принят на сортировочном центре
Принят на складе ~ Заказ скомплектован
Принят на складе ~ На складе. Отказ заранее
Присвоение идентификатора
Самовывоз ~ Возврат по истечении срока
Самовывоз ~ Принят в пункте выдачи
Сортировка ~ Обработка
Транзит ~ Движ. в стор. отправителя
Транзит ~ Заказ покинул сортировочный центр
Транзит ~ Перенос даты доставки
Транзит ~ У курьера
Транзит ~ У курьера. Отказ заранее
У курьера
посылка получена