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Hong Kong Post Tracking

Hong kong Post is a government department of Hong Kong responsible for postal services


Track Hong kong Post shipments and parcels

Hong Kong Post

Hong kong post is a government department of Hong Kong responsible for postal services, though operated as a trading fund. Founded in 1841, it was known as Postal Department or Post Office before the handover of Hong Kong in 1997. It has been a sub-member of the Universal Postal Union since 1877, and is a separate entity from China Post.

Track Hong Kong post parcels

4TRACKING website will help you track your shipments and parcels shipped with Hong Kong post. all you need is a Hong kong post Tracking number, Put your Hong Kong post tracking number at the field above, and click on tracking button and wait some seconds to get detailed information about your parcel including locations and dates.

Hong kong post delivery time

For Local kong post parcels are delivered within 2 working days after the order created, Kowloon and the major commercial and industrial areas of the New Territories, and within 3 working days to other areas.

Hong kong post small packet tracking

it's similar to China Post Small Packet, Hong kong post small packet will be delivered within the next working day after the date of receiving the parcel, Hong kong post small packet info will be available at the same day hong kong post pickedup the package.

Note: Only basic tracking information on posting and delivery/collection is available. Proof of delivery is not available. If you require detailed tracking information and signature proof, please consider Local Registration or Local CourierPost Service.

Hong kong post large packet tracking

Hong kong post large letters and packets will be delivered within 2 working days thereafter, and bulk economy mail will be delivered within 3 working days thereafter.

Hong kong post large packet

Tracking info will be available after 2-3 days.

Note : Only basic tracking information on posting and delivery/collection is available. Proof of delivery is not available. If you require detailed tracking information and signature proof, please consider Local Registration or Local CourierPost Service.

What does Hong kong post tracking number look like ?

Hong kong post tracking numbers can be summarized as follows:

(# = Letter / * = number /! = Number or letter)

  • A# *** *** *** HK
  • C# *** *** *** HK
  • D# *** *** *** HK
  • E# *** *** *** HK
  • L# *** *** *** HK
  • R# *** *** *** HK
  • S# *** *** *** HK
  • V# *** *** *** HK
  • Z# *** *** *** HK

Hong Kong post Services

Hong kong Post provides services listed below:

  • Local Courier Post
  • Speedpost
  • Periodicals/Circular/Direct Mail services
  • e-Post
  • e-Cert (Electronic Certificate for e-commerce)
  • e-Business
  • Franking machine
  • Postal remittance service (to Canada, Mainland China, Indonesia, Japan, Nepal and the Philippines)
  • Electronic remittance service (through Western Union)
  • PayThruPost (Bill payment)
  • Logistics, etc.

What are the weight limits for Hong Kong post ?

Maximum weight per item is 2KG for items delivered to and picked up from the areas in the New Territories B, or posted at mobile post offices.

What I should do if Hong kong post package lost?

For delay in delivery or loss of package, delivery charge will be refund. However, no compensation will be paid in respect of its contents. However you should contact Hong kong post directly.

What is Hong kong post Smart Post ?

Smart Post is a value-added service for domestic delivery of ordinary mail. This service provides a function of checking the delivery status. You will receive an email or SMS notification once the mail item is successfully delivered to the recipient’s address or picked up from the designated post office.

Does Hong kong post deliver on Sundays ?

Sundays and public holidays are excluded for the purpose of determining the date hong kong post pickedup the package for all mail items and for performance measurement under the performance pledges.

Examples of statuses which Hong Kong Post shipment tracking passes

A bejövő küldemény átvétele a kicserélőben
Absence. Attempted delivery
Acceptance by the Post Services
Acceptance completed
Accepted at Post Office
Accepted at USPS Origin Facility
Accepted by destination post for processing
Accepted in Poland
Accepted in the destination country
Adopted mailing to send
Aguardando pagamento
Aguardando pagamento do despacho postal
Aircraft take off
Allocated to delivery staff
Allocated to postman
Arrival at Collection Point For Pick-up
Arrival at Destination Airport
Arrival at Destination Post (Country: JP)
Arrival at Office of Exchange
Arrival at Outward Office Of Exchange
Arrival at Processing Center (Country code: JP)
Arrival at delivery office
Arrival at delivery post office
Arrival at facilities
Arrival at inward OE
Arrival at inward destination office of exchange
Arrival at inward office of exchange
Arrival at origin border point
Arrival at outward OE
Arrival at outward office of exchange
Arrival at the airport
Arrival in destination country
Arrive at the sorting and distribution center
Arrive destination country
Arrive in Hong Kong
Arrived at FedEx hub
Arrived at International Hub
Arrived at Post Office
Arrived at Regional Facility
Arrived at Singapore Hub
Arrived at USPS Facility
Arrived at USPS Regional Destination Facility
Arrived at USPS Regional Facility
Arrived at customs
Arrived at delivery office
Arrived at processing centre
Arrived at the point of issuance
Arrived awaiting clearance (Inbound)
Arrived in PTT Work Place
Arrived in the UK
Arrived in the sorting center
Assigned to load plan
At destination sort facility
At local FedEx facility
Attempt of Delivery
Attempted Delivery (From SG/SIN to HK)
Attempted Delivery Abroad
Attempted delivery - Incorrect address on item
Available for Pickup
Awaiting Customs clearance
Awaiting Item from sender
Awaiting collection at GERMANY
Awaiting completion of customs procedure
Awaiting payment of customs charges
Can be collected at the post office
Clearance in progress
Cleared and awaiting international departure
Colis en cours d'acheminement
Colis entré dans le pays de destination
Colis refusé par le destinataire
Completion of customs procedures
Customer enquiry lodged
Customs Clearance
Customs charges raised
Customs cleared : authorized
DUDULLU PTT İşyerinde Bekliyor
Delivered to Y***a M******u
Delivery Attempted - No Answer
Delivery attempted
Delivery incomplete
Delivery preparation
Delivery scheduled
Delivery to local courier company
Departed FedEx hub
Departed Operations facility – In Transit
Departed USPS Facility
Departed USPS Regional Destination Facility
Departed USPS Regional Facility
Departed from Facility in
Departed from Inward Mail Center
Departure From Outward OE
Departure from PO
Departure from inward OE
Departure from inward office of exchange
Departure from office of exchange
Departure from outward OE
Departure from outward office of exchange
Departure from the Airport
Departure from the airport of origin
Departure from transit station
Departure to delivery office
Deposito del Cliente en Hong Kong
Despatched to overseas (Country code: JP)
Despatched to the UK
Devoluo autorizada pela Receita Federal
Devolução autorizada pela Receita Federal
Dispatch from delivery office
Dispatch from outward office of exchange
Dispatch item to destination country
Dispatch to country of destination
Dispatched to Post Office
Document Presentation to Customs
Due to be delivered today
Duty and taxes paid online
Electronic information of goods has been received
Electronic shipment data received
En trnsito hacia destino
Encaminhado para fiscalizao aduaneira
Encaminhado para fiscalização aduaneira
Enroute to delivery office
Enroute to next office
Envo a Oficina de Destino
Envoi pris en charge
Envoi reçu pour Export
Event code from parcel center - partially sorted
Expediat din Romania
Expedierea spre biroul de destinaţie
Expedierea spre tara de destinatie
Expedierea trimiterii in strainatate
Export of international mail
Faltam informações. Sua ação é necessária
Felvétel a feladótól
Final delivery - Collected at counter
Final delivery: in person
Fiscalizao aduaneira finalizada
Fiscalização aduaneira finalizada
For dispatch abroad
Forwarding to domestic delivery network
Hand over to carrier
Handed over for delivery
Handed over for temporary storage
Handed over to Airport facility
Handed over to carrier
Handed over to carrier / Left for destination
Handed over to courier/mail by Post Office
Handed over to customs
Handed to customs
Handling fee for item paid to Posti
Handover to domestic sorting
Has been take off
Has entered the warehouse
Have fall to the ground
Have out customs clearance
Held by export Customs
Held by import Customs
Identifier assignment
Import clearance start
Import clearance success
Import of international mail
In Transit to Next Facility
In lavorazione presso il Centro Operativo Postale
In lavorazione presso il paese estero
In lavorazione presso l'ufficio Postale
In transito presso il Centro Operativo Postale
Incoming data delivery by the sender
Informacija apdorojama
Inicio de la revisin aduanal en pas destino
Insert item into bag
Insert item into bag (Otb)
Insert item into bag (Otb) and Send item abroad
Insert item into domestic bag LAHORE DMO (IN)
Insert item into domestic bag LAHORE DMO (OUT)
Insert item into domestic bag LAHORE FOREING POST
Inserting item into export receptacle
Insufficient Address
International dispatch
International item mailed in originating country
International reception
International shipment release - Export
Item Delivery Confirmed
Item Despatched to Heathrow Worldwide DC
Item Despatched to Leeds MC
Item Leaving overseas
Item Leaving the UK
Item Received by Royal Mail
Item accepted by branch
Item arrival at collection point for pick-up
Item arrived in the destination country
Item at post office - Can be collected
Item available at Pick-up point
Item awaiting customs clearance
Item has been registered
Item has been released for delivery
Item has departed from country of origin
Item has left our International Processing Centre
Item has passed a checkpoint
Item held at delivery depot
Item held at delivery depot/delivery office
Item held by import Customs
Item in transit (at transit hub)
Item information received
Item is in transport in country of origin
Item is on sorting
Item out for physical delivery
Item posted over the counter
Item presented to customs
Item presented to import Customs
Item processed at facility
Item received at SingPost Mail Processing Centre
Item returned from Customs (import)
Item scanned in depot
Item sent to destination country
Item sent to provincial office
Küldemény előkészítése nemzetközi szállításra
La spedizione in stato di fermo
La spedizione è in stato di fermo
Label created. Processing
Laukiama papildomos informacijos
Left FedEx origin facility
Left Shenzhen warehouse
Liberado sem tributação
Livraison prévue lundi prochain
Loaded to vehicle for delivery
Located at customs
Mancata consegna per destinatario assente
National reception
Not yet delivered (incorrect address)
Notice sent by import Customs
Office closed. Retention
Onboard for delivery
Online fizetés elérhető
Order pick-up service
Order received in Buylogic
Order under processing in Buylogic
Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
Out for Physical Delivery
Package in transportation
Package received at processing center
Pagamento confirmado
Partita dal Centro Operativo SDA
Partito dal Centro Scambi Internazionale
Parvenirea la biroul de schimb de destinatie
Passed customs clearance
Pending delivery - Recipient notified
Pending for delivery
Pending for delivery (Epidemic or other reasons)
Pending the issuance of a destination
Perform customs clearance
Phát thành công (Delivered)
Posted (Electronic customs information submitted)
Posted at post office
Posted to iPostal Kiosk
Pošiljka je otpremljena
Pošiljka je otpremljena na Carinu
Pošiljka je prispjela
Pošiljka je zaprimljena
Pre-customs declaration stage
Predarea trimiterii la vama
Prepared for delivery
Prepared for despatch to the UK
Presa in carico all'estero
Presa in carico da Ufficio Postale
Presented to customs
Presented to import Customs
Presented to relevant authority for screening
Primit de la expeditor
Process completed and awaiting shipment
Process completed for departure
Processed Through Facility
Processed Through Regional Facility
Processed Through USPS Facility
Processed Through USPS Regional Facility
Processed at TOKYO - JAPAN
Processed at YOKOHAMA - JAPAN
Processed for clearance at CAIRO - EGYPT
Processed through Facility
Processing at delivery Post Office
Product Delivered (Country code: JP)
Pronta per essere consegnata
Pronta per la consegna
Receipt of data about consignment
Receive at country of destination
Receive item at delivery office
Receive item at office of exchange
Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)
Receive item at office of exchange (Otb)
Receive item at origin country gateway
Receive item from customer
Receive item from customer (Otb)
Received Receptacle from abroad
Received at Lahore OutDMO
Received at Origin Facility
Received at delivery depot
Received by Air carriers
Received by carrier
Received by customer abroad
Received by local delivery company
Received by post office (Hong Kong)
Received in Shenzhen warehouse
Received item from Sender (Outbound)
Recepcin en Oficina de Correos
Receptionare de la client
Registered for collection
Released by Customs
Released by customs
Released from customs
Released from customs for further delivery
Return item from customs in destination country
Returned item (returned to sender)
Returned item left for place of origin
Returned to Depot
Revised Customs charges raised
Revisão de tributos solicitada pelo cliente
Send item abroad (EDI-received)
Send item out for physical delivery
Send item out for physical delivery (Country: JP)
Send item to customs (Inb)
Send item to customs in destination country
Send item to destination country
Send item to domestic location (Inb)
Send receptacle abroad (Otb)
Send receptacle abroad (PREDES EDI)
Sender despatching item
Sender is preparing item for posting
Sender preparing item
Sent from abroad (Türkiye)
Sent from the collection center
Sent from the incoming office of exchange
Shipment in transit
Shipment information received
Shipment information sent to FedEx
Shipment is collected
Shipment is collected from sender
Shipment is presented to Import Customs
Shipment is returned from customs
Shipment picked up
Siunta ruošiama pateikti muitinei
Siunta skirstymo centre
Sosirea la biroul de schimb de expediere
Sosirea la oficiul de livrare
Submitted to the customs
Successfully delivered
Sukurtas siuntos lipdukas
Tartalmazó egységképző érkeztetés
Temporary storage
The Item is at the shippers warehouse
The consignment has left the border point
The consignment has left the origin border point
The consignment was sent for transportation
The consignment was sent to the Czech Republic
The consignment was sent to the country of origin
The delivery of the item was unsuccessful
The item has been declared
The item has been delivered
The item has been delivered successfully
The item is at the PostNL sorting center
The item is at the local sorting centre
The item is available at the pickup point
The item is in transport
The item is out for delivery
The item is pre-advised to PostNL
The item is received by PostNL
The local customs office allowed him to leave
The package has left Hong Kong air
The shipment being processed for import
The shipment has arrived at Bunnpris Bismo
The shipment has arrived at Joker Bjelland
The shipment has arrived at Joker Byremo
The shipment has arrived at Obs Vestkanten
The shipment has arrived at terminal
The shipment has arrived at the export terminal
The shipment has arrived at transit country
The shipment has arrived in destination country
The shipment has been collected
The shipment has been handed in to Bring
The shipment has been sent from origin country
The shipment has been sorted and forwarded
The shipment has cleared export customs
The shipment is forwarded from transit country
The shipment is in transit
The shipment is on its way to be delivered
The shipment item is under transportation
The transport of the shipment item has started
Továbbítás belföldre
Transit in destination country
Transmission for customs control
Transport leg completed
USPS in possession of item
Under processing at operations facility
Unsuccessful delivery
Uscita dal Centro Scambi Internazionale
Votre colis a été déposé dans un point postal
Votre colis est arrivé en France
Votre colis est livré
Votre envoi a été distribué
Votre envoi est trié sur sa plateforme de départ
Votre envoi vient d'arriver en France
Votre envoi vient de quitter son pays d'origine
Waiting for addressee to pay tax duty
We delivered your post
With carrier for delivery
Your address is incomplete
Your delivery has been sorted
Your delivery was received by An Post in
Your parcel has been cleared by customs
Your parcel has been sorted. We are on our way!
Your parcel is being held by customs
Your parcel is in transit
Your post is out for delivery
Your shipment is on its way to
Your shipment is on its way to destination
arrival at inward office of exchange
customs clearance import release
departure from inward office of exchange
departure from outward office of exchange
electronic notification of item received
entry into the postal network
handover to the airline
item arrives at destination
item out for delivery
physical scan of item after arrival at whs
transit to Airport
Întoarcerea de la vamă
已交航 Air Transport
已入仓 Has entered the warehouse
已出仓 Out warehouse
已报关 Have out customs clearance
已落地 Have fall to the ground
已起飞 Has been take off
订单提交预报 Shipment information received