4PX Tracking

4PX Express is a logistics company known as 1# cross-border e-commerce provider in China


Track 4PX Express shipments and parcels


4PX Express was conceived in 2004, it's known as the China's number one cross-border e-commerce solutions provider. 4PX employs over 1,500 employees across 50 different global locations. Its major investors include Singapore Post & Shenzhen Capital Group (one of the China government’s largest investment companies).

Its services include logistics, software, and consulting services. Over 20,000 merchants rely on various 4PX services to succeed in the e-commerce world. Today, 4PX is the market leader in China by revenues, orders processed, and overall scale in operations.

4PX has received numerous accolades such as Forbes Magazine’s prestigious (China’s Up and Comer) award and other awards from various media companies. In addition, 4PX express is a global logistics partner of eBay, Paypal, Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress and other e-commerce leaders.

4PX Express Tracking

4tracking help you tracking shipments and packages shipped using 4PX express from China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, all you have to do is put your tracking number for the 4PX shipment at the field above and click on tracking button and wait some seconds to get all information of your shipment including locations and dates.

China Post Tracking Numbers Format

4PX Tracking numbers takes many different forms. 4PX tracking numbers can be summarized as follows:

(# = Letter / * = number /! = Number or letter)

  • ## *** *** *** ##
  • LP *** *** *** *** **

4PX Tracking statuses

  • Shipment arrived at facility
  • Arrive at facility
  • Shipment operation completed
  • Arrive at Airport
  • Depart from Airport
  • Arrival at Singapore
  • Item has been registered
  • The item is not yet in Posti
  • Arrival at Destination
  • Depart from facility
  • Shipment ready
  • The item is on its way to the destination country
  • Despatched to overseas
  • Received from Customer
  • Shipment information received
  • Item arrived in the destination country
  • Despatched to overseas
  • Held by Customs at Destination
  • Hand over to airline
  • Notification of shipment confirmation
  • Arrival at Destination (Exchange Office)
  • Transit to Air Transit Centre
  • Arrival at Processing centre
  • In transit
  • Picking the operating point
  • Customs clearance in progress
  • Shipment departed from facility
  • Received at Processing Facility

Examples of statuses which 4PX shipment tracking passes

Accepted at USPS Destination Facility
Accepted at USPS Origin Facility
Accepted at USPS Regional Destination Facility
Accepted at USPS Regional Facility
Accepted by Evri Gateway
Accepted by Hermes Gateway
Accepted by carrier
Accepted for transportation by Post
Accepted for transportation by postal service
Actual Pick Up OK
Adresse incorrecte - adresse sera contrôlée
Adresse incorrecte - envoi redirigé
Adresse incorrecte - envoi retourné à l'expéditeur
Aguardando pagamento
Aguardando pagamento do despacho postal
Arrival at Destination
Arrival at Processing Center
Arrival at delivery facility
Arrival at export hub
Arrival at inward office of exchange
Arrival at sorting centre
Arrival distribution office
Arrival from abroad
Arrival in Delivery Facility
Arrival of goods at destination airport
Arrival to Delivery Station
Arrival to the destination airport
Arrive at HongKong
Arrive at destination
Arrive at local delivery office
Arrive at overseas processing center
Arrive at the destination distribution center
Arrive at transit country or district
Arrive attransit country or district
Arrived and processed at【】Depot
Arrived at E-post china warehouse
Arrived at FedEx hub
Arrived at Hong Kong hub
Arrived at Post Office
Arrived at Sort Facility Destination Airport
Arrived at USPS Facility
Arrived at USPS Regional Destination Facility
Arrived at USPS Regional Facility
Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility
Arrived at customs
Arrived at delivery centre
Arrived at delivery station
Arrived at departure transport hub
Arrived at destination
Arrived at destination airport
Arrived at destination country
Arrived at destination port
Arrived at distribution center
Arrived at export center
Arrived at facility
Arrived at linehaul office
Arrived at linehual office
Arrived at local delivery center
Arrived at local sorting center
Arrived at origin facility
Arrived at pick-up point. Package available for collection
Arrived at pickup location
Arrived at the destination airport
Arrived at transit office
Arrived destination Airport
Arrivée au bureau d'échange du pays de destination
Arrivée au centre de distribution
Arrivée au centre de tri
At FedEx origin facility
At destination sort facility
At local FedEx facility
At local delivery center
At parcel delivery centre
At parcel delivery centre. Delivery will be made on agreed date
Available for Pickup
Awaiting for you to pick-up
Awaiting presentation to Customs
Back to Sender for reason: Expired Time in Storage
Back to Sender for reason: wrong recipient address or address related problem
Check-in Asendia facility
Clasificado en centro logístico
Clearance Release
Clearance processing completed
Cleared by customs
Client Warehouse Despatch
Collected by Evri
Collected by Hermes
Confirmation of receipt of addressee's request - longer collection time
Courier company warehouse inbound
Customs Clearance Completed
Customs clearance complete
Customs clearance delay
Customs clearance in Korea
Customs clearance in destination country completed
Customs clearance list received
Customs clearance started
Customs clearenced
Customs inspection
Customs retention or investigation
Day of delivery notification sent to Receiver
Delivered - Delivered in Letter Box
Delivery Failed-No answer from customer
Delivery Failed-Wrong phone number
Delivery address is incorrect
Delivery attempt unsuccessful Delivery address is incorrect
Delivery attempt unsuccessful Delivery method changed to self-pickup
Delivery attempt unsuccessful Other reasons
Delivery attempt unsuccessful Recipient not at home
Delivery cancelled - customer did not pick up
Delivery failed Delivery address is incorrect
Delivery failed. Not at home
Delivery from China transfer center
Delivery incomplete
Delivery next business day at receiver's request
Delivery to express warehouse
Delivery unsuccessful
Delivery unsuccessful Delivery address is incorrect
Delivery unsuccessful Delivery method changed to self-pickup
Delivery unsuccessful Recipient not at home
Depart from Overseas Processing Facility
Depart from facility to service provider
Depart from the destination distribution center
Depart from transit country or district
Departed Asendia facility
Departed Facility in DongGuan
Departed Facility in SHENZHEN
Departed FedEx hub
Departed Operations facility – In Transit
Departed USPS Facility
Departed USPS Regional Destination Facility
Departed USPS Regional Facility
Departed USPS Regional Origin Facility
Departed from HongKong
Departed from Original Airport
Departed from Transit Facility
Departed from customs
Departed from distribution center
Departed from export center
Departed from facility
Departed from sorting center
Departed on Flight
Departed on outbound flight
Departure from Outward Office of Exchange
Departure from inward office of exchange
Departure from outward office of exchange
Departure from sorting centre
Departure from the original airport
Departure to country of destination
Departure to distribution network
Departure transit facility
Despatched to overseas
Destinataire absent - livraison le prochain jour ouvrable
Destinataire absent et informé de venir retirer l'envoi
Devuelto a central
Départ du bureau d'échange du pays d'origine
Départ du bureau d'échange du pays de destination
Départ du centre de tri
El envío ha entrado en la unidad responsable de su clasificación para entrega
El envío ha entrado en la unidad responsable de su entrega
El envío ha tenido admisión en origen
Electronic Notification of Shipment Received
Electronic information submitted by shipper
Electronic notification received
Electronical shipment data have been provided by the sender
Encaminhado para fiscalização aduaneira
Entry into the postal network
Entrée dans le réseau postal
Envoi avisé sur demande du destinataire
Envoi en cours de distribution
Envoi non reclamé - envoi retourné à l'expéditeur
Envoi redirigé sur demande du destinataire
Envoi retourné à l’entrepôt
Envoi à disposition au point de collecte
Envío clasificado en Centro Logístico
Envío en reparto para su entrega
Export clearance success
Export customs clearance complete
Export customs clearance started
Failed delivery for reason: recipient was not at home
Failed to clear at import customs
First parcel scan along Poste Italiane's logistic network
Fiscalização aduaneira finalizada
Flight departure delay
Flight landed at Destination country
Forward Processed
Gateway transit in
Gateway transit out
Geographical data from the delivery attempt
Hand over to airline
Handled by local carrier
Handover to the kilometer
Held at delivery facility
Held by Customs - Invoice missing
Held by Customs at Destination
Hold item at office of exchange
Hong Kong - Shipped by air
Hub Desp trailer pacl in sack
Hub Receipt via Container
IN HUB -dispatched area
Import clearance start
Import clearance success
Import customs clearance complete
Import customs clearance delay
Import customs clearance delay Customs duties payment requested
Import customs clearance delay We're inspecting your order
Import customs clearance started
Import customs clearance success
In Transit to Hermes
In Transit to Next Facility
In customs authorities
In distribution with postman
In the transport in the destination country
In transit to next facility
In transit to the airport
Incorrect address - item returned to sender
Information Received
International shipment release - Import
Item available at collection point
Item delivery confirmed
Item has been included in a Royal Mail Sales Order
Item is ready for transport
Item misrouted or redirected
Item out for delivery
Item processed at facility
Item redirected at receiver's request
Item returned to warehouse
Item scanned on its journey
Item unclaimed - item returned to sender
Item was released by Customs and is now with Canada Post for processing
Item will be despatched; as advised by Posting customer
Kviečiame atvykti į paštą atsiimti siuntos
La Poste is handling your parcel. It is currently being routed
Label correction applied
Landed at transit hub
Leave the overseas warehouse and prepare for transportation
Left FedEx origin facility
Liberado sem tributação
Linehaul Departed
Livraison le prochain jour ouvrable sur demande du destinataire
Livraison échouée - destinataire informé de venir retirer l'envoi
Livraison échouée - livraison le prochain jour ouvrable
Located in Manual sort
Location Information Received
Manifest accepted by Australia Post
Manifest received
Manifested for Delivery
No pan data received
Notification of shipment confirmation
Notification électronique de l'envoi reçue
Objeto aguardando retirada no endereço indicado
Objeto em correção de rota
Objeto em trânsito - por favor aguarde
Objeto encaminhado para retirada no endereço indicado
Objeto entregue ao destinatário
Objeto está em rota de entrega
Objeto não entregue - carteiro não atendido
Objeto não entregue - empresa sem expediente
Objeto não entregue - endereço incorreto
Objeto recebido na unidade de distribuição
Objeto recebido pelos Correios do Brasil
Objeto saiu para entrega ao destinatário
On FedEx vehicle for delivery
On Hold - Pending Missing Documents prior to Shipping
On the way to pickup location
Onboard for delivery
Order successfully uploaded
Our driver has your parcel onboard for delivery
Out For Delivery To Courier
Out customs authorities
Outbound in sorting center
Outbound receipt at Sub Depot
Outward Collection
Overseas service provider destroyed shipment
Package anomaly,Manual close
Package ready to be shipped
Packing the operating point
Pagamento confirmado
Parcel Cleared from customs
Parcel available for recipient Pick Up at Postal Office
Parcel being prepared for delivery
Parcel data received awaiting coll
Parcel handed to DPD
Parcel has arrived at destination country
Parcel information received
Parcel is being processed at Colicoli hub
Parcel is being processed at facility
Parcel is handled
Parcel is waiting for the flight
Parcel outbound from transit facility
Parcel picked up from customs
Parcel processed at the depot
Parcel processed at the hub
Parcel was packed at warehouse of origin country
Pick-up from the Pickup parcelshop by DPD driver
Picked up shipment
Post office collection
Prazo de retirada pelo destinatário encerrado
Pre-advice Item Passed - Received with errors
Pre-advice Item Passed - Validation Passed
Presented to Import Customs
Processed at Depot
Processed at Local Distribution Center
Processed at Transit Facility
Processed at facility
Processed in facility
Processing at sorting center
Ready for recipient pickup
Receive item at collection point for pick-up
Receive item at delivery office
Receive item at sorting centre
Received and processed at
Received at Air Transit Centre
Received at Branch
Received at Origin Facility
Received at Origin Warehouse
Received by Destination Customs
Received by Last Mile Provider
Received by line-haul
Received by local delivery company
Received by logistics company
Received in Hong Kong
Receiver not available - delivery next business day
Receiver not available and informed to pickup the item
Released by Terminal
Released from customs: customs cleared
Retained at customs: awaiting missing documents
Return to customers
Returned from Import Customs due to Import Authorised
Returned from overseas
Returned to sender - Item refused by addressee
Returned to sorting center
Returnpackage delivery failure go in warehouse
SMS Sent to Consignee
Saída para entrega cancelada
Scheduled For Delivery
Scheduled delivery updated
Secure delivery - To household
Send item out for physical delivery
Send item out of sorting centre
Sent To Abu Dhabi
Service provider received the shipment
Service provider sorting center successfully entered warehouse
Service provider sorting center was successfully Sorted
Shipment In Transit to Facility
Shipment In Transit to delivery station
Shipment Information Received
Shipment arrived at facility and measured
Shipment at delivery station
Shipment confirmation
Shipment data received - Awaiting Parcel Handover to DHL
Shipment inbound in sorting center
Shipment info received
Shipment information received
Shipment information sent to FedEx
Shipment is Out for Delivery
Shipment loaded into linehaul
Shipment planned for departure
Shipment received by carrier
Shipment scan in processing centre
Shipment transferred
Shipping label created
Siunta gavėjo pašte
Siunta išsiųsta į užsienį
Siunta perduota pristatymui
Siunta skirstymo centre
Siuntos įteikti nepavyko
Sort - Loaded to trailer
Sorted to Destination
Start customs clearance
Submittal for redirecting or returning
Successful export clearance
Successful handover to the main line
Tentativa de entrega não efetuada
The MAWB of the parcel has been cleared
The Package initiated by return from domestic warehouse
The consignee did not collect the parcel
The consignment is being prepared for delivery
The consignment is being transported to the delivering post office
The consignment is transported
The consignment left the logistics hub
The consignment was accepted by post office of exchange
The consignment was deposited - addressee not at home
The consignment was deposited at addressee's request
The consignment was sent for transportation
The consignment was sent to the Czech Republic
The courier has received this parcel for delivery and will set a delivery time shortly
The goods have arrived at Anjun
The goods have arrived at warehouse
The goods have been issued
The instruction data for this shipment have been provided by the sender to DHL electronically
The international shipment has been processed in the export parcel center
The international shipment has been processed in the parcel center of origin
The package has arrived at the warehouse and scanning is complete
The package has been sorted and sent from the warehouse
The package returned from domestic warehouse
The parcel data was entered into the GLS IT system; the parcel was not yet handed over to GLS
The parcel has arrived at the distribution site
The parcel has been received at the depot
The parcel has been sorted at the depot
The parcel has been sorted at the sorting center
The parcel has left the parcel center
The parcel has reached the parcel center
The parcel has reached the parcel center and was sorted manually
The parcel is being forwarded to the responsible depot
The parcel is on is way to Israel
The parcel is out for delivery
The parcel is stored in the parcel center
The parcel was handed over to GLS
The recipient has picked up the shipment from the retail outlet
The recipient has selected a Packstation as the new delivery address
The recipient was not present. The recipient has been notified
The shipment arrived in the region of recipient and will be transported to the delivery base in the next step
The shipment has been loaded onto the delivery vehicle
The shipment has been processed in the delivery base
The shipment has been processed in the delivery depot
The shipment has been processed in the parcel center
The shipment has been processed in the parcel center of origin
The shipment is being prepared for delivery in the delivery depot
The shipment is in transit to DHL
The shipment is on its way to the PACKSTATION
The shipment was prepared for onward transport
Third Party - in transit to Yodel
This parcel has been dispatched from the hub
This parcel has been dispatched from the retailer and we expect it to arrive with Evri shortly
Transit to Destination Processing Facility
Transit to the destination office
Transport to delivery centre
Transport to destination
USPS in possession of item
Unable to Contact Consignee
Unable to clear in customs
Unable to clear in customs Customs duties payment requested
Unable to clear in customs We're inspecting your order
Under Customs Clearance
Under processing at operations facility
Unfortunately we have not been able to deliver your parcel
Unloaded KN depot
Uplift from transit hub
Votre envoi a été déposé par l'expéditeur chez notre partenaire postal dans son pays d'origine
Votre envoi est en transit sur nos plateformes logistiques
Votre envoi est prêt à quitter le territoire étranger. Il va être remis au transporteur pour son acheminement vers la France
Votre envoi est sur le site qui dessert votre adresse. Nous préparons sa distribution
Votre envoi n'a pas pu être distribué ce jour en raison d'une situation exceptionnelle indépendante de notre volonté. Il sera remis en distribution au plus tôt
Votre envoi vient d'arriver en France
Waiting for flight
Warehosue outbound
We can't deliver today due to a road incident. We'll update tracking when your parcel is on its way
We couldn't deliver today due to a processing incident. We'll update tracking for your parcel soon
We have received the details for this parcel and expect it to reach the Evri network shortly
We've received this parcel at the hub and will be sorted to the customers delivery depot
Whatsapp To Customer
With Delivering Courier
You are not at home
Your Parcel is with your Sender
Your consignment has been picked up
Your parcel arrives at the airport of the country of origin
Your parcel has arrived at MEL depot
Your parcel has arrived at its delivery location
Your parcel has arrived at the destination airport
Your parcel has been picked up
Your parcel has been picked up by one of our couriers
Your parcel has been received at 'Sydney' depot
Your parcel has been released by customs
Your parcel information has been received
Your parcel is being sent to destination airport
Your parcel is being shipped
Your parcel is cleared
Your parcel is with your local courier and ready for delivery
Your parcel's electronic customs clearance data has been approved by CBSA
Your shipping information has been submitted to Aramex
arrival at office of exchange
arrived at customs
at the warehouse after failed delivery
clarification of shipment information
delivery not successful
departure from office of exchange
end customer updated the address
processed in destination parcel center
przesyłka dotarła do oddziału
przesyłka jest obsługiwana w centrum sortowania
przesyłka odebrana od nadawcy
przesyłka opuściła Polskę
przesyłka przekazana kurierowi do doręczenia
received at the warehouse
released from customs
shipment departed from airport of origin country
shipment has been loaded on the tour vehicle
shipment has been processed in the parcel center of origin
to be returned to you
transfer to a different warehouse
transferred to a contractor
Área com distribuição sujeita a prazo diferenciado