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MaltaPost is Malta's main postal service company, headquartered in Marsa, Malta.


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Malta Post

MaltaPost p.l.c is the national postal service provider in the Republic of Malta. As part of the global network of Universal Postal Union (UPU), it provides domestic and international postal services across the Maltese archipelago, including the islands of Malta, Gozo, and Comino. As a publicly traded company, it is part of the international postal logistics group, Poste Italiane.

Established in 1888, MaltaPost has over a century of experience in facilitating communication and commerce within the country and across the globe. With a mission to "connect people and businesses by delivering mail and parcels to every address on the Islands," MaltaPost plays a vital role in Malta's socio-economic fabric. Its services are broad and diverse, catering to the needs of individuals, businesses, and government entities alike. These include traditional postal services, Express Mail Service (EMS), Parcel Post, Registered Mail, Direct Mail, as well as a variety of financial and retail services.

MaltaPost's headquarters is located in Marsa, a town in the south-eastern region of Malta. The central office, together with its vast network of Post Offices and Sub Post Offices, ensures that the postal services reach every corner of the Maltese Islands, providing reliable and efficient services for all customers.

Malta Post shipment tracking

How does Malta Post Shipment Tracking Work?

MaltaPost offers a seamless tracking feature that allows customers to monitor their shipments' journey from dispatch to delivery. This service offers complete transparency and peace of mind as it provides real-time information about the location and status of parcels.

How to Track Malta Post Shipments?

To track Malta Post shipments, you need to enter your tracking number into the designated field, and click the "Carrier" button, then select "Malta Post". If you're uncertain about which carrier is handling your shipment, the system can automatically select the carrier for you. Afterward, click the "Track" button, and you'll be redirected to the tracking results page, where you can find detailed information about your shipment's status and location.

What does a MaltaPost Tracking Number Look Like?

A standard MaltaPost tracking number consists of 13 alphanumeric characters. It usually starts and ends with a letter, with nine numeric characters in between, conforming to the S10 UPU standard. An example of a MaltaPost tracking number would look something like 'RM123456789MT'.

Malta Post shipment delivery times

The delivery timeframe at MaltaPost largely depends on the type of service chosen and the destination of the parcel. For domestic shipments within Malta, the usual delivery time is 2-3 business days. For international shipments, the delivery period can range from a few days to several weeks depending on the destination country and the specific service chosen.

For instance, an EMS shipment to a European country such as Germany typically takes around 3-5 business days, while a Parcel Post shipment to the same country might take up to 7-10 business days. However, these are just estimated delivery times and actual delivery times may vary.

Contacting MaltaPost for Shipment Issues

If you encounter any problems or have any queries about your shipments, MaltaPost has an efficient customer service system in place. The dedicated customer care team can be reached via phone or email.

For local callers within Malta, you can reach MaltaPost's customer service at +356 21224421.

Alternatively, you can send an email detailing your concerns or queries to [email protected]. Be sure to include your tracking number and a detailed description of your issue in the email to facilitate a prompt and effective resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions about MaltaPost

What Should I Do if My MaltaPost Shipment is Delayed?

If your MaltaPost shipment is delayed beyond the expected delivery time, it's advisable to first track its status using your tracking number. If there are no recent updates or if the delay is significant, it's best to contact MaltaPost's customer service for assistance.

What Does 'In Transit' Mean for My MaltaPost Shipment?

If your MaltaPost shipment status shows 'In Transit', it means that your package is currently on its way to the destination. The status will be updated at every stage of the delivery process, offering you a real-time view of the shipment's journey.

Can I Track My MaltaPost Shipment Without a Tracking Number?

Usually, it's not possible to track a MaltaPost shipment without a tracking number. This number serves as a unique identifier for your shipment and enables you to monitor its progress from dispatch to delivery.

What Does 'Delivered' Status Mean on MaltaPost's Tracking System?

The 'Delivered' status on MaltaPost's tracking system means that your shipment has reached its final destination and has been received by the recipient or an authorized person.

How Can I Change the Delivery Address of My MaltaPost Shipment?

If you need to change the delivery address after your package has been dispatched, it's recommended to contact MaltaPost's customer service immediately. They will guide you through the possible options, but please note that changes may not always be feasible once the shipment is in transit.