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WishPost is a Chinese logistics platform created by Wish company


Track WishPost packages

Wish Post

WishPost is a Chinese logistics platform created by Wish company, Wish launched cross-border e-commerce logistics products with cooperation with top logistics providers like 4PX, CNE, DHL e-commerce, YunExpress, China Post, WiseExpress, ..., This cooperation in order to provide Wish merchants with orders, collection, distribution and package tracking services.

Wish orders tracking

When you buy packages from the Wish platform, you may want to track their location, So you have to follow these steps to track their location until your packages get to your door:

  1. First You should have a the package tracking number (below this All the expected WishPost tracking numbers ).
  2. Put all parcel tracking numbers in the above field.
  3. Select the carrier in this case select "wishPost" (Optional).
  4. Click on the tracking button.
  5. You will be redirected to the results page to see all available tracking information about your package(s).

WISH tracking number

WISH platform deals with many logistics companies, so they will provide you with many different tracking numbers from different logistic companies, All this tracking numbers formats can be summarized as follows:

(# = Letter / * = number /! = Number or letter)

  • WI *** *** *** ** SH
  • Wi *** *** *** *** FPL
  • Wi *** *** *** *** SMT
  • *** *** *** *** *** *
  • ## *** *** *** CN
  • ## *** *** *** TW
  • SY *** *** *** **
  • ## *** *** *** YP

Track WISH Chinese orders shipped to Europe

The WishPost-YunExpress special line is a German and French routed product launched by WishPost. It provides real-time tracking and query information for first-haul transportation, port operations, export delivery, import reception, and physical delivery. The full time limit in Germany is 6-10 working days. , France has a full-time effect of 5-8 working days, the comprehensive delivery rate is higher than 95%, the package can be tracked throughout the whole process, and it supports the delivery of live products (accepts built-in batteries (PI967) and supporting batteries (PI966), not pure batteries (PI965) And any mobile power products).

Track WISH Chinese orders shipped to UK

WishPost-British Express Packet is a small packet launched by Wishpost in the UK, providing real-time tracking and query information such as receiving and sending, export sealing and import receiving. The WishPost-British Express small parcel operation mode is for customers to process orders on the WishPost platform, print detailed bills, submit solicitation information, or send them home. Support live products, the whole time limit is 5-8 days.

Track WISHPost DHL e-commerce Packet

WishPost DHL e-commerce Packet is an economic packet launched by Wishpost, which provides real-time tracking and inquiry information of collection and delivery. The WishPost-DHL e-commerce small package operation mode is for customers to process orders on the WishPost platform, print detailed bills, submit solicitation information, or self-delivery, the full time limit is 12-17 working days, the weight limit is 2kg, and the delivery of live products is not supported.

Examples of statuses which Wish Post shipment tracking passes

All Shipments Departed
Arrival at Regional Sorting Center
Arrival in destination country
Arrive at destination gate
Arrived At The Delivery Company
Arrived At Transit Airport
Arrived Export Airport
Arrived at Carrier
Arrived at Delivery Office
Arrived at EPC warehouse
Arrived at Export Processing Center (EPC) warehouse
Arrived at HUB
Arrived at HUB transit warehouse
Arrived at Import Airport
Arrived at Post sorting center
Arrived at Sort Facility
Arrived at airport of country/region of departure
Arrived at carrier
Arrived at customs of country/region of departure
Arrived at customs of destination country
Arrived at customs of original country
Arrived at destination
Arrived at destination (post customs clearance)
Arrived at destination airport
Arrived at destination country
Arrived at destination customs
Arrived at destination transit hub (first scan by last-mile carrier)
Arrived at final sorting center
Arrived at first-mile sorting center
Arrived at last-mile carrier delivery center
Arrived at origin airport
Arrived at the first mile sorting center
Arrived at transit hub
Arrived ready for transit
At parcel delivery centre
Attempt to delivery
Awaiting recipient pickup
Chegou ao centro operacional
Delivered by post man
Delivered to EPC warehouse
Delivered to destination country Facility
Delivered to destination processing center
Delivery Failed
Delivery attempted
Delivery failed
Depart From Facility
Depart From Local Facility
Depart from recognized warehouse
Departed Facility in Dongguan
Departed Facility in Shanghai
Departed Facility in dongguan
Departed from Carrier
Departed from EPC warehouse
Departed from Export Processing Center (EPC) warehouse
Departed from Facility
Departed from HUB
Departed from HUB transit warehouse
Departed from Uni-Inventory warehouse
Departed from airport of country/region of departure
Departed from carrier
Departed from customs of country/region of departure
Departed from customs of destination country
Departed from customs of original country
Departed from destination customs
Departed from destination transit hub
Departed from final sorting center
Departed from first-mile sorting center
Departed from origin airport
Departed from the first mile sorting center
Departed from transit hub
Departure Scan
Departure from International Sorting Center
Departure from Regional Sorting Center
Departure from Transit Sorting Center
Empfänger leider nicht angetroffen
Empfänger leider nicht angetroffen. Benachrichtigung hinterlassen
FI, Delivered
Failed destination country customs inspection
Handed Over to domestic agent
Hinterlegt in Pickup Paketstation
Im Paketzustellzentrum
In Zustellung
In Zustellung an Pickup Paketshop
In Zustellung an Pickup Paketstation
In transit
Inbound scan
Inbound scan[]
Inspected by destination country customs
LM Goods In Transit
NSW PUL Your parcel has arrived at SYD depot
O envio foi aceite. O processo de envio foi iniciado
Order generated
Order is canceled
Order under processing in Buylogic
Out for delivery
Overseas transit delay
Package picked up by pickup carrier and en route to warehouse
Paket unterwegs
Paket wird an den Versender retourniert
Paket wurde an DPD übergeben
Paket wurde nicht abgeholt
Paket wurde vom Fahrer aus dem Pickup Paketshop abgeholt
Paket wurde vom Fahrer aus der Pickup Paketstation abgeholt
Parcel not yet arrived at final GLS Depot
Part Of Shipments Departed,The Rest Will be Arranged Soon
Picked Up by Courier
Picked up
Process via custom
Processed at Carrier
Processed at carrier
Processing in Facility
Received by the carrier
Released From Export Customs
Released From Import Customs
Return to pickup carrier
Returned from EPC warehouse
Returned from destination to country/region of departure
Returned from overseas
SYD M Shipment information has been received
SYD P Your consignment has been picked up
SYD T In transit to destination facility
Shipment Depart From Transit Airport
Shipment in transit
Shipment information received
Shipped from sending Depot. In transit
Sorting failed []
TLV, Delivered
The item has been delivered
The parcel could not be delivered as the consignee was absent
The parcel has left the parcel center
The parcel has reached the parcel center
The parcel is expected to be delivered during the day
The parcel was handed over to GLS
The shipment has been handed in at terminal and forwarded
Through custom
Transport to delivery centre
Wait for customer pick up
WishPost order successfully generated
Wishpost order generated
arrival scan
data modtaget
delivery to local courier
departed facility in dongguan
departure scan
departure to country of destination
item has been registered
item in sorting
item is in delivery transportation
mawb arrive
mawb take
objeto em trânsito - por favor aguarde
out for delivery
parcel is handled
received in office
saída para entrega cancelada
tentativa de entrega não efetuada
the goods have arrived at warehouse
your shipment has been delivered to the postal operator of the country of destination and will be delivered in the coming days
Übergabe an Pickup Paketshop