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Hermes Einrichtungs Service is a logistics company specializing in 2-man handling services in Germany.


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Hermes Einrichtungs

Hermes Einrichtungs Service, the market leader in 2-man handling, has established a unique niche in the field of logistics and delivery services. As a critical part of the globally operational Otto Group, this service delivers furniture, large electrical appliances, and other heavy, sensitive goods to approximately seven million end customers annually, evidencing its dominance and efficiency in the logistics arena.

With over 50 years of experience, Hermes Einrichtungs Service is a trusted name in mail-order logistics. The company operates out of its headquarters in Löhne, Westphalia, where about 180 employees manage all processes and services across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Leveraging its expansive network of 55 locations within Germany and the logistic networks of its international partners, the company ensures customer-oriented and reliable services. The company's impressive structure includes a swing HUB, warehouse, and corporate headquarters located in Löhne. Further expanding its reach, Hermes also has a HUB and warehouse in Ansbach and Mosina (Poland).

The core service of Hermes Einrichtungs Service revolves around delivering large and heavy items such as furniture and large appliances. With approximately seven million shipments per year, the service highlights its scale and operational capacity. The organization ensures a smooth and trouble-free delivery by informing recipients of their delivery an hour before arrival via a phone call and tracking service on the day of delivery. The two-person team not only delivers the items to the desired location but also handles the disposal of packaging material.

To enhance customer experience, the company also offers additional optional services, including furniture assembly and the installation of large electrical appliances. With an extensive workforce of approximately 5,000 employees (including contract partners) and 55 delivery depots in Germany, the service covers a large delivery area that extends to Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

In a nutshell, Hermes Einrichtungs Service stands as a leading figure in the two-man handling segment of logistic services, bridging the gap between retailers and customers with its unmatched delivery and installation services. With its customer-centric approach and years of expertise, the company continues to provide unrivaled services in the logistics industry, setting new standards for efficiency and reliability.

How do I track Hermes Einrichtungs shipments?

To track a Hermes Einrichtungs shipments, enter the tracking number in the field above, click the "Carrier" button, and select "Hermes Einrichtungs" If you're unsure which carrier is handling your shipment, let the system choose the carrier automatically on your behalf. After that, click the "Track" button, and you will be redirected to the tracking results page. Here, you will find detailed information about your shipment, including locations and dates.

How does Hermes Einrichtungs tracking number look like?

The tracking number for Hermes Einrichtungs shipments typically consists of 17 digits, e.g. 10000000001234567, 00000000007654321. This unique identifier is provided upon shipment confirmation and can be used to track the shipment throughout its journey.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hermes Einrichtungs

How can one obtain their tracking number from Hermes Einrichtungs?

They send notifications about the delivery to their customers either via email or SMS, containing the consignment number. Alternatively, your sender might provide you with your shipment number, which enables you to access all order details on the shipment tracking page.

Is it possible to alter the delivery date with Hermes Einrichtungs?

Yes, if a customer is unable to make the initially scheduled delivery date, they can change it by accessing the order details on the shipment tracking page and using the "Change delivery date" function. The delivery depot will then get in touch to arrange a new date or allow the customer to choose a new date directly, depending on the sender and the scope of service.

What options are available if the customer isn't present on the delivery day?

Hermes Einrichtungs allows their customers to change the delivery date or provide a parking permit or neighborhood tax. This can be done through the shipment tracking page where the appropriate approval can be given.

How can contact details be amended?

Customers can only change their phone number at present. To do this, they need to access the order details on the shipment tracking page and use the "Change contact details" function. For address changes, customers must contact their shipper.

What should a customer do if their shipment is misplaced?

Customers can check the status of their delivery using the shipment tracking page. On the delivery day, live tracking is provided, allowing customers to see the delivery team's location and the expected delivery time.

What happens if a customer has moved and wants to redirect the shipment?

Currently, Hermes Einrichtungs does not offer this service. Customers should get in touch with the sender in such a situation. They may have to cancel the delivery and place the order again with the updated address.

How long does it typically take to transport a shipment?

The expected delivery time is usually provided in the item description by the sender. Once a delivery date has been scheduled, it will also be listed on the shipment tracking page.

How can a return be initiated with Hermes Einrichtungs?

To initiate a return, customers should contact their sender, who will then place a pick-up order with Hermes Einrichtungs. The Hermes team will notify customers about the pick-up date in advance.

What is the course of action if the shipment arrives damaged?

If the delivered goods are visibly damaged, customers should get it documented by the delivery team. If they don't want to keep the goods, they can refuse acceptance, resulting in the shipment being returned to the sender automatically. For further coordination, customers should contact their sender.

What delivery options does Hermes Einrichtungs provide?

They deliver goods to the preferred location of the customers, be it the basement or the third floor. They also provide additional services like device setup, old device removal, and furniture assembly with certain senders. Special features such as narrow passages or steep stairs should be communicated in advance to ensure smooth delivery.

How many delivery attempts are made by Hermes Einrichtungs?

If the customer is not at home, the Hermes team attempts delivery up to three times before the shipment is returned to the sender. However, customers can provide permission for the shipment to be deposited, ensuring they always receive their delivery.

What is the difference between Hermes, Hermes Germany, and Hermes Einrichtungs (HES)?

Hermes Einrichtungs (HES) is a sister company of Hermes Germany and specializes in the delivery of furniture, large electrical appliances, and other heavy or bulky goods by two-man teams. In contrast, Hermes Germany handles all parcel deliveries up to a maximum of 31.5 kg.