Deutsche Post Packet

Deutsche Post Packet追踪

Deutsche Post 是德国的包裹递送和供应链管理跨国公司



Deutsche Post Packet

德国邮政公司(The Deutsche Post AG)是全球最大的物流公司之一,是一家专注于包裹递送和供应链管理的德国跨国公司,总部位于德国波恩。

我如何追踪 Track Deutsche Post Packet 包裹?

要跟踪您的 Deutsche Post Packet 包裹,您需要一个有效的 Deutsche Post Packet 跟踪号,例如 LX123456789DE,将您的跟踪号放在上面的字段中,如果您确定您的跟踪号是 100% Deutsche Post Packet 跟踪号,然后选择“ Deutsche Post Packet "作为承运人,点击承运人按钮,否则让系统自动为您选择承运人。然后单击跟踪按钮,您将被重定向到跟踪页面,在那里您将获得有关您的货件的详细信息,包括其位置和日期。


Deutsche Post Packet 追踪号码的长度为 13 个字符,以 2 个字母开头,然后是 9 位数字,然后是 2 个德国 DE 国家代码,例如 LX123456789DE、LY123456789DE、RS123456789DE。


(# = 字母 / * = 数字 /! = 数字或字母)

  • LY *** *** *** DE
  • LY *** *** *** DE
  • RX *** *** *** DE
  • RS *** *** *** DE

Deutsche Post Packet 货件追踪通过的状态示例

Arrival at delivery office
Arrival at importing country
Delivered to post office
Delivery postponed
Departed Deutsche Post Mailterminal
Departure from destination country
Departure from inward office of exchange
Departure to destination country
Held at customs
Held by customs
Item arrived at Packstation and is ready for pickup
Item arrrived at sorting center
Item handed over to Deutsche Post Return Center
Item has been forwarded
Item has left the sorting center
Item held by customs
Item in delivery
Item presented to import customs
Item ready for pickup. Please check local postal tracking website
Item received and processed
Item received at Deutsche Post Mailterminal
Item returned from import customs
Loaded at DHL distribution center
Processed at DHL parcel center
Processed at Deutsche Post Mailterminal
Processed inbound mail center
Processed outbound mail center
Received & processed at Deutsche Post Mail Terminal
Recipient was notified by courier
Return to Deutsche Post Return Center
Shipment information uploaded to Deutsche Post
The storage period has expired or the recipient's address is unknown. The item is returned to the Deutsche Post Return Center. If the sender of the consignment is unknown, the item goes to Deutsche Post Inquiry Center
Unsuccessful delivery attempt