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ZIDI is a leading Chinese logistics company specializing in global shipping solutions.


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ZIDI, a dynamic logistics company based in China, has rapidly emerged as a significant player in the global logistics industry. Since receiving a Series A investment of RMB 36 million in 2016, ZIDI has consistently expanded its operations and services. The company experienced substantial growth in 2018 by expanding overseas channels and establishing partnerships with various local logistics companies abroad. This growth trajectory continued with a B-Round investment of 50 million from HSBC in 2019. By 2021, ZIDI achieved an impressive annual turnover exceeding 3 billion, marking its success in the logistics sector.

Global Expansion and Services

ZIDI's strategic expansion plan includes broadening its import and export business channels in the Middle East, East Asia, and the Mainland in 2023. The company aims to extend its warehouse storage and agency services, further solidifying its position in the global market. ZIDI’s service portfolio includes:

  1. Sea and Air Truck Transportation: Offering sea, land, and air transportation services, ZIDI provides multiple channels for logistics solutions, known for their affordability and top-notch timeliness.
  2. Overseas Warehouse Services: ZIDI offers overseas warehouse services, including warehousing and shipping, returns, and rebranding, with current support for warehouses in Germany and the United States.
  3. Express Delivery: The company solves the last-mile delivery challenge with high-quality international postal delivery options, including USPS, DHL, and Japan Post.

Technological Advancements and Customer Focus

ZIDI incorporates advanced logistics technology and customer-centric strategies to ensure efficient and reliable service. Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in their operational excellence and expanding global footprint.

ZIDI Shipment Tracking and Delivery

Tracking System

ZIDI provides an advanced tracking system that enables customers to monitor their shipments in real-time. This system ensures transparency and keeps customers informed about the status and location of their shipments throughout the delivery process.

Tracking Number Format

ZIDI's tracking numbers are typically structured to ensure precise tracking and management of shipments. These numbers consist of a unique sequence of digits, facilitating accurate identification and tracking of each package.

How to track ZIDI shipments?

To track ZIDI shipments, you need to enter your tracking number into the designated field, and click the "Carrier" button, then select "ZIDI". If you're uncertain about which carrier is handling your shipment, the system can automatically select the carrier for you. Afterward, click the "Track" button, and you'll be redirected to the tracking results page, where you can find detailed information about your shipment's status and location.

Delivery Timeframes

Delivery times with ZIDI vary depending on the service and destination:

  • Sea and Air Truck Transportation: Generally, shipments through these channels can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the distance and logistics involved.
  • Overseas Warehouse Services: The turnaround time for warehousing and shipping services is optimized for efficiency, with specific timeframes varying based on the destination and service requirements.
  • Express Delivery: International express deliveries, such as those via USPS, DHL, or Japan Post, are typically completed within a standard timeframe that varies based on the destination country and service chosen.

Frequently Asked Questions about ZIDI

What Should I Do If My ZIDI Shipment Is Delayed?

If you experience a delay in your shipment with ZIDI, first check the latest status using the provided tracking number. If there's a significant delay or no recent updates, it’s advisable to contact ZIDI’s customer service. They can offer more detailed information about your shipment’s status and assist in resolving any delays or issues.

How Can I Understand Different Tracking Statuses?

Various tracking statuses provided by ZIDI give insights into the journey of your shipment. 'In Transit' indicates that your package is on the move, 'Out for Delivery' suggests it's nearing its final destination, and 'Delivered' confirms its arrival. If you encounter statuses like 'Exception' or 'Customs Hold', it signifies a need for additional action or clarification. In such cases, contacting ZIDI’s customer support for more information is recommended.

What Are the Formats of ZIDI Tracking Numbers?

ZIDI uses a specific format for its tracking numbers, generally consisting of a sequence of digits. This format is essential for the accurate tracking and management of shipments, allowing both ZIDI and its customers to effectively monitor the progress of each delivery.

What Should I Do If My Parcel Arrives Damaged?

If your parcel delivered by ZIDI arrives damaged, report the issue immediately to their customer service team. Provide them with the tracking number and a detailed description of the damage. ZIDI will guide you through the process of filing a claim or arranging for a replacement or return, as appropriate.

Is It Possible to Change the Delivery Address After Dispatch?

Once a shipment has been dispatched, changing the delivery address can be challenging. However, you should contact ZIDI’s customer service as soon as possible to inquire if an address change is still feasible based on the shipment’s current status.

How Does ZIDI Handle Customs and International Shipments?

For international shipments, ZIDI navigates customs clearance processes, but it's important to note that customs duties and taxes are typically the responsibility of the recipient. These charges are determined by the destination country's customs authorities. For more information or assistance with customs procedures, reaching out to ZIDI’s customer service is advisable.


ZIDI represents the evolving landscape of international logistics, with its strategic expansion, diverse service offerings, and commitment to customer satisfaction. As the company plans to broaden its reach in the Middle East, East Asia, and the Mainland, it continues to reinforce its position as a leading logistics provider. ZIDI's blend of innovative solutions, global network, and customer-focused approach positions it as a go-to partner for businesses and individuals navigating the complexities of international shipping and logistics.