CDEK Tracking

CDEK is a Russian express delivery service founded in 2000


CDEK parcels tracking


CDEK is a Russian express delivery service founded on February 25, 2000. It is headquartered in Novosibirsk, Russia. CDEK focused on cross-border delivery services such as parcel delivery from China to Russia for customer who shop from popular online stores like Aliexpress, Ebay, Joom, Banggood and GearBest.

CDEK connects the Russian market with other countries like Turkey, China, USA, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, etc. It currently supports shipping to 23 countries around the world.

CDEK covers all cities of Russia and you can deliver or receive your parcel anywhere in Russia.

How do I track CDEK parcels?

To track a CDEK parcels, put the tracking number in the field above, click on "Carrier" button and select CDEK, if you are not sure which carrier delivers your parcel, then leave the system to choose the carrier automatically on your behalf, after that click on "Track" button, then you will be redirected to the tracking results page where you will find detailed information about your shipment including locations and dates.

How does CDEK tracking numbers look like?

CDEK tracking numbers can be 10 digits like 1234567899 , 2234567799 or can be a combination of letters and numbers depending on CDEK delivery partners e.g. BELBE8219901234YQ, JNTCU4512420906YQ, CHN0008911345, TR012345678911.

CDEK tracking number can be summarized as follows:

(# = Letter, * = Digit, ! = Letter Or Digit)

  • *** *** *** *
  • ##### *** *** *** * YQ
  • CHN *** *** *** *
  • TR *** *** *** ***
  • AS *** *** *** CN
  • XM !!!! *** ***

I did not receive my CDEK parcel, what should I do?

Parcels require sometimes more days to be delivered depending on the destination location, if you have not received your domestic parcel in more than 7 days you can contact CDEK directly by phone using their hotline: 8-800-250-04-05 or you can contact support at there website. International parcels require 7-45 days to be delivered and if you didn't receive your parcel after this period you can contact CDEK as mentioned.

How long does CDEK take to deliver parcels?

It can take 14-45 days for CDEK to deliver international parcels from China to Russia due to the land transportation and customs clearance, which is causing the delivery delay.