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SunYou is Cross-border Logistics company, established in June 2008, is a leading cross-border e-commerce logistics service provider in China


Track SunYou shipments and parcels


SunYou is Cross-border Logistics company, established in June 2008, is a leading cross-border e-commerce logistics service provider in China, headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, with offices in Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Yiwu There are branches and offices in other places.

The company is committed to providing professional global logistics solutions for cross-border eCommerce solutions. Its core products include Shunyoubao dedicated line (B2C), Shunsubao dedicated line, Whale Bird APP (C2C), Shunyoutong small package, etc., and it processes parcels daily, it processes a volume exceeds 500,000 pieces, and serves more than 100000 eCommerce companies.

Track SunYou packages and parcels

4TRACKING will help you track shipments and parcels shipped with SunYou. all you have to do is put your SunYou tracking number at the field above, and click on tracking button and wait some seconds to get all information including locations and dates.

SunYou Tracking numbers

SunYou tracking numbers can be summarized as follows:

(# = Letter / * = number /! = Number or letter)

  • SY *** *** *** **
  • SY !!! *** *** **

About SunYou

In order to provide better logistics services and create a better customer experience, SunYou Logistics continues to integrate high-quality overseas resources in China Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, Malaysia Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Miami International Airport in the United States, Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Thailand, Thailand Phuket International Airport, Bali Denpasar International Airport in Indonesia, Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the Philippines, Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates, Incheon International Airport in South Korea, etc. have established self-operated/joint global customs clearance and transshipment centers, combined with innovative intelligent logistics systems , Provide customers with efficient and worry-free cross-border logistics services in real time.

SunYou Logistics will continue to focus on cross-border logistics in the future, and is willing to continuously improve its own system, actively exert its expertise and reputation guarantees, and eventually become the most efficient and stable cross-border logistics service provider in China and the world, thereby helping more Cross-border e-commerce companies realize the rapid increase in value!

Examples of statuses which SunYou shipment tracking passes

Arrived at Destination Country Airport
Arrived at Facility
Arrived at Regional Facility
Customs Clearance failed
Customs Clearance in progress
Customs Clearance was completed
Customs clearance and Waiting to pay tariffs
Delivered. Thank you for using Sunyou
Delivery in Progress
Departed HONG KONG Airport
Departed Regional Facility
Departed Sunyou Facility
In transit
Last mile number RC123456789DE
Out for Delivery
Pre-Shipment Info Sent to Germany
Reason: Incorrect address
Reason: Other
Reason: Postman not met
Returned to Sender
Sent to Germany
waiting for payment