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DOR is a Chinese logistics company headquartered in Shenzhen.


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DOR is an innovative logistics technology company that has rapidly distinguished itself in the international logistics and transportation sector. Headquartered in a hub of technological advancement, DOR leverages cutting-edge logistics technology, artificial intelligence, and big data to revolutionize the way goods are moved across borders. With a focus on improving efficiency, reducing costs, and controlling risks, DOR offers "intelligent transportation capacity" and "intelligent routing" solutions, establishing itself as a leader in providing cost-effective, stable, safe, and transparent international logistics services.

Services Offered by DOR Company

DOR’s core services encompass a comprehensive suite of logistics solutions designed to meet the complex demands of global trade. The company specializes in facilitating cross-border logistics with an emphasis on optimizing multi-node resources across the supply chain. DOR’s intelligent routing system effectively integrates various logistical nodes—including collection, operation, domestic transportation, aviation, customs clearance, and final delivery. This system not only ensures optimal route allocation but also enhances the overall efficiency and security of the transportation process, catering predominantly to markets in the USA, Japan, and Europe.

Advanced Shipment Tracking with DOR

How Shipment Tracking Works

DOR utilizes a sophisticated tracking system that empowers customers to monitor their shipments in real-time. Upon dispatch, each shipment is assigned a unique tracking number that customers can use to access up-to-date information about their shipment’s journey. The tracking system is part of DOR's commitment to transparency, allowing customers to see detailed progress of their shipments from start to finish, thus providing peace of mind and enhanced control over the shipping process.

Tracking Number Format

DOR’s tracking numbers are specifically formatted to facilitate easy monitoring and management. Each tracking number begins with the prefix "DOR," followed by a series of digits, and ends with "CN" to denote the Chinese origin of the shipment, for example, DOR12345678CN. This format helps ensure that all relevant shipment information is efficiently processed and tracked within DOR’s logistical network.

How to track DOR shipments?

To track a DOR shipment, enter your tracking number into the designated field and click on the "Carrier" button. Then, select "DOR" from the options. If you are unsure about which carrier is handling your shipment, the system can automatically identify the carrier for you. Next, click the "Track" button. You will be redirected to a tracking results page, where detailed information about your shipment's status and location is displayed.

Understanding Shipment Delivery Times

DOR prides itself on quick and reliable delivery services. Typical delivery times vary depending on the destination: shipments to the USA, Japan, and Europe have tailored timelines to maximize efficiency. For instance, deliveries to the USA and Europe usually take between 5-10 business days, while shipments to Japan might range from 3-7 business days, depending on the specific logistics services and routes utilized.

Contacting DOR for Support

For issues related to shipments or tracking, DOR recommends that customers first contact the seller or the store from which the purchase was made, such as platforms like AliExpress or Alibaba. These sellers often have established communication channels with DOR and can facilitate faster resolution of any issues. If further assistance is needed, customers can access support directly through DOR’s official channels, including their dedicated customer service team, which is equipped to handle inquiries and provide detailed assistance.

Through its robust technological infrastructure and customer-centered service approach, DOR continues to enhance its position as a global leader in logistics solutions, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of the international shipping and logistics industry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shipment and Tracking Issues for DOR

Why isn't my tracking number working?

If you find that your DOR tracking number isn't showing any updates, please ensure that there has been sufficient time for the system to process and recognize the shipment details. Tracking information typically appears within 24 to 48 hours after the package has been dispatched. If you still encounter issues after this period, it is recommended to contact the seller or the store directly for more rapid assistance, as they often have established contacts within DOR to resolve such issues quickly.

How can I track my shipment if I lose my tracking number?

If you have lost your tracking number, you should contact the seller or the online platform where you made your purchase. They can provide you with the tracking number or initiate tracking from their end. If further issues arise, these platforms can directly liaise with DOR to track down your shipment.

What should I do if my shipment is delayed?

Delays can occur due to various logistical challenges such as customs delays, inclement weather, or unexpected logistical hurdles. If your shipment is delayed, first use the tracking number provided by DOR to check for any status updates or messages regarding the delay. If no information is available or if the delay is extensive, contacting the seller or the platform is advisable as they can provide more specific details and assistance.

My package is marked as delivered, but I haven't received it. What should I do?

If the tracking information shows that your package has been delivered but you have not received it, check around your delivery area or with neighbors first. If the package is still not found, contact the seller or the store where the purchase was made immediately. They can coordinate with DOR to investigate the discrepancy and ensure that the package is located and delivered correctly.

Can I change the delivery address after my package has been dispatched?

Once a package is in transit, changing the delivery address can be challenging and is often not feasible. However, you should immediately contact the seller or the platform through which the item was purchased. They can communicate with DOR to see if an address change is possible depending on the current status of the shipment.

How do I report a damaged parcel or incorrect items received?

If you receive a damaged parcel or the items do not match your order, document the issue with photographs and contact the seller or the platform immediately. They will guide you on how to proceed with a return or exchange and will liaise with DOR to handle the logistics of returning or replacing the damaged or incorrect items.