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Slovak Post is a postal service company owned by the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic


Slovakia Post parcel tracking

Slovakia Post

Slovak Post is a postal service company owned by the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic, founded on October 1, 2004 and Headquartered in Partizánska cesta 9, 974 01 Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. Slovakia Post has over 1,540 post offices and more than 6,797 mail-boxes and more than 13,887 employees around the country and its one of the leading logistics company in Slovakia.

How do I track Slovakia Post parcels?

To track Slovakia Post parcels you need a valid Slovakia Post tracking number e.g. EE123456789SK, Put your tracking number at the field above, if you sure your tracking number is 100% Slovakia Post tracking number, then select "Slovakia Post" as the carrier by clicking on the carrier button, otherwise leave us to choose the carrier automatically for you. then click on the tracking button then you will be redirected to the tracking page where you will get detailed information about your shipment including its location and dates.

How does Slovakia Post tracking numbers look like ?

Slovakia Post tracking numbers has 13 characters in length it starts with 2 letters (A-Z) followed by 9 digits followed by Slovakia 2 letter country code SK e.g. LL123456789SK, EA123456789SK.

if you receive a parcel from other country your tracking number may be different for example if you receive a parcel form United Kingdom your tracking number may look like EE123456789GB

How long does it take for Slovakia Post to deliver your parcel?

Slovakia Post can usually ensure to deliver domestic parcels within 2-7 business days after posting date, sometimes it takes more, it depends on the destination city location.

if the parcels take longer than that it will be caused by incorrect or Incomplete addresses, Posting the parcel in late hours of the day.

For international parcel deliveries, Slovakia Post will deliver you parcels within 7-15 business days to European countries.

What can I do if I haven’t received Slovakia Post parcel?

If you waited over 7 days for your parcel and you didn't received it, Call Slovakia Post customer service to resolve the problem.

Examples of statuses which Slovakia Post shipment tracking passes

Acceptance by the Post Services
Acceptance completed
Accepted at Post Office
Accepted by carrier
Accepted by destination post for processing
Accepted in the destination country
Addressee not available
Adopted mailing to send
Arrival for processing
Arrival from abroad
Arrival in destination country
Arrive attransit country or district
Arrive transithub
At destination sort facility
At local FedEx facility
Brought by customs import
Completion of export customs clearance
Consignee address incomplete
Custom clearance completed
Customs Clearance
Customs Clearance Processing Complete
Customs declaration completed
Delivered to addressee
Delivery attempt: addressee absent
Depart transithub
Departed FedEx hub
Departed from Equick operation center
Departed from Original Depot
Departed from Transit Facility
Departed from facility
Departed from original airport
Departed on outbound flight
Departure from inward office of exchange
Departure from office of exchange
Departure from outward office of exchange
Departure from transit office of exchange
Departure to country of destination
Departure to distribution network
Deposited at post office {office}
Deposited at post office {office} - P.O.Box
Deposited at post office {office} - damaged
Deposited at post office {office} - not delivered
Despatched to the UK
Dispatch from delivery office
Dispatch from outward office of exchange
Dispatched to Post Office
Electronic information submitted by shipper
Expediat din Romania
Export cancellation
Export customs clearance
Export of international mail
Flight landed at Destination country
For dispatch abroad
Forwarded to Returned Letter Office
Forwarding for delivery
Forwarding to domestic delivery network
Hand over to airline
Handed over for delivery
Handed over to customs
Handed to customs
Held at delivery depot
Held at inward office of exchange
Held at outward office of exchange
Held in Customs - Pending Clearance
Hold item at office of exchange
Identifier assignment
Import clearance start
Import clearance success
Import of international mail
Import terminated
In Transit to Next Facility
In transit to next facility in TAMWORTH NSW
Inbound Into Customs
Inbound Out of Customs
Incoming data delivery by the sender
Inserting item into export receptacle
International dispatch
International item mailed in originating country
International reception
Item Leaving overseas
Item Leaving the UK
Item Received by Royal Mail
Item being processed in country of destination
Item handed over to subcontractor
Item has been cleared by customs
Item is cleared by customs
Item is on sorting
Item is out for delivery
Item is ready for transport
Item on international transport
Item out for physical delivery
Item presented to customs
Item presented to import Customs
Item processed at facility
Item ready for international transport
Item received at office of exchange
Item released by customs
Item sent to customs
Item sent to destination country
Item sent to next processing place
Landed at transit hub
Left FedEx origin facility
Liege-Linehaul Arrival
Located at customs
Objeto recebido em
On FedEx vehicle for delivery
Order information has been transmitted to DPD
Out for delivery to sender
Outbound Gateway Scan
Package in transportation
Parcel Data Received
Parcel departure in Shenzhen Sorting Centre
Parcel handed to DPD
Parcel is handled
Parcel outbound from transit facility
Parcel processed at Shenzhen Sorting Centre
Parcel received at Shenzhen Sorting Centre
Partito dal Centro Scambi Internazionale
Pick-up was successful
Picked up by addressee at post office {office}
Picked up from shipper
Presented to import Customs
Primit de la expeditor
Processed Through Facility
Processed Through Regional Facility
Processed at Local Distribution Center
Processed at Transit Facility
Processed at facility
Processing on leaving premises
Ready for repeated delivery
Receive item at office of exchange
Receive item from customer
Received at Origin Facility
Received by customer abroad
Received by line-haul
Received by our network
Refused by addressee
Released from customs
Released from customs for further delivery
Return item from customs
Returned from import Customs
Sender preparing item
Sent from the collection center
Sent from the incoming office of exchange
Sent from the outward office of exchange
Sent to destination country
Shipping information received by Australia Post
Sukurtas siuntos lipdukas
The Item is at the shippers warehouse
The item has been delivered successfully
The item is at customs
The item is at the PostNL sorting center
The item is being processed by customs
The item is out for delivery
The item is pre-advised to PostNL
The item is processed at the Post sorting center
The item is received by PostNL
The local customs office allowed him to leave
The package has left Hong Kong air
The parcel has been delivered
The parcel has reached the parcel center
The parcel was handed over to GLS
Transmission for customs control
Unclaimed - sent back
Under processing at operations facility
Uplift from transit hub
Your delivery has been sorted
Your post has left An Post
Your post was accepted in
[Dalingshan Town]Inbound in sorting center
[Dalingshan Town]Outbound in sorting center
[Fenggang Town]Inbound in sorting center
[Fenggang Town]Outbound in sorting center
[Shatian Town]Inbound in sorting center
[Shatian Town]Outbound in sorting center
unsuccessful delivery