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SF Express is one of the Chinese leading comprehensive service providers express logistics


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S.F. Express

SF Express is one of the Chinese leading comprehensive service providers express logistics, it aims to provide customers with integrated and comprehensive logistics solutions. In addition to providing high-quality logistics services at the distribution end, SF Express has also extended its services to front-end processes, including production, supply, marketing, and distribution, for the value chain. Based on customer requirements, utilizing big data analysis and cloud computing technologies, SF Express company provides customers with integrated logistics services including warehousing management, sales forecasting, big data analysis, and settlement management.

SF Express it was established in 1993 at Guangdong Province in. Since its inception, SF Express has continued improving its service quality, investing in facilities and vigorously developing and introducing IT technologies and equipment to realize automatic operations. Currently, we have set up a nationwide network of branch offices and service network to support information collection, market development, logistics and express services. For the past years, SF Express company continued providing customers with fresh service experiences and helping customers succeed. February 24th 2017 witnessed the most important milestone in SF's development, SF Express was officially listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, starting a new journey.

Track SF Express shipments

With 4TRACKING you can track your SF Express parcels easily, All you have to do is put your SF Express tracking number at the field above, and click on tracking button and wait some seconds to get detailed information about your parcel including locations and dates. But the question is what does SF Express tracking number look like?, The answer detailed bellow.

SF Express Tracking numbers

SF Express tracking numbers can be 12 or 17 number or can start with SF followed with 13 numbers, or even it can start with 2 characters followed by 9 numbers followed with 2 characters at the end, all of those tracking numbers forms are summarized as follows:

(# = Letter / * = number /! = Number or letter)

  • *** *** *** ***
  • *** *** *** *** *** **
  • ## *** *** *** ##
  • SF *** *** *** *** *

How long does SF Express International take to deliver?

This is the estimated arrival time for the Standard Express Service from China to the destination country :

Destination CountryDelivery time
Singapore2-4 business days
South Korea1-5 business days
Malaysia1-5 business days
Japan2-4 business days
Thailand3-5 business days
Vietnam3-5 business days
Mongolia3-5 business days
Indonesia4-7 business days
United States3-6 business days
Australia3-6 business days
Russia6-10 business days
India3-5 business days
Cambodia3-6 business days
Mexico5-7 business days
Canada5-7 business days
Myanmar3-5 business days

This is the estimated arrival time for the Economy Express Service from China to the destination country :

DestinationDelivery time
Japan3-5 business days
South Korea3-6 business days
Singapore3-6 business days
Malaysia3-6 business days
United States4-7 business days
Russia10-14 business days
European Countries5-8 business days
Brazil8-10 business days
Brunei6-8 business days
United Arab Emirate4-8 business days
New Zealand6-10 business days
Bangladesh6-10 business days
Sri Lanka6-10 business days
Pakistan6-8 business days
Philippines6-8 business days