Estonia Post (Omniva)

Estonia Post (Omniva) Tracking

Omniva or Estonian Post (Eesti Post) is the largest postal services company in Estonia


Track Omniva parcels

Estonia Post (Omniva)

Omniva or Estonian Post (Eesti Post) is the largest postal services company in Estonia. Omniva is fully owned by the Estonian state. Since June 2014, Omniva has consolidated most of its services in Estonia and abroad under the Omniva brand. Omniva was founded in 1638 and is headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. As of November 2021, Omniva had 265 post offices, of which 187 were located in rural areas.

How do I track Omniva parcels?

To track a Omniva (Estonian Post) parcels, put the tracking number in the field above, click on "Carrier" button and select "Omniva", if you are not sure which carrier delivers your parcel, then leave the system to choose the carrier automatically on your behalf, after that click on "Track" button, then you will be redirected to the tracking results page where you will find detailed information about your shipment including locations and dates.

How does Omniva tracking numbers look like?

Omniva tracking numbers has 13 characters in length it starts with 2 letters [A-Z] followed by 9 digits followed by Estonia country code "EE" e.g. CE123456789EE, LA123445678EE, RR021369425EE.

Omniva tracking numbers can be summarized as follows:

(# = Letter, * = Digit, ! = Letter Or Digit)

  • C# *** *** *** EE
  • E# *** *** *** EE
  • L# *** *** *** EE
  • P# *** *** *** EE
  • R# *** *** *** EE
  • S# *** *** *** EE
  • U# *** *** *** EE

How long does it take for Omniva to deliver your parcels?

For domestic parcels, Omniva will take about 1-7 working days to deliver your parcels, except for Sundays. it may take longer than that depends the destination city location.

For international parcels, Omniva will take about working 7-45 days to deliver your parcels, For European countries it may take 3-15 working days days, it may take longer than that and it depends on the destination country location.

International deliveries always take a long time to be delivered because they need additional processing time, e.g. customs clearance.

Examples of statuses which Estonia Post (Omniva) shipment tracking passes

Acceptance of packet from client
Arrival at delivery office
Arrival to destination country
Arrival to post office
Arrival to sorting centre
Delivery attempt
Departure from inward sorting centre
E-MAIL to receiver
Final delivery
Handover to courier
Presented to customs
Released from customs
SMS to receiver
Shipment from country of departure
Shipment is on the way to Omniva
Specifying details for delivery of parcel
Storing term altering