DHL Parcel Poland

DHL Parcel Poland追踪

DHL Parcel Poland是DHL Express服務,用於在波蘭境內的商店和客戶之間提供包裹。



DHL Parcel Poland

DHL 和德國郵政組成了世界上最大的郵政和物流公司。他們一起被稱為德國郵政 DHL 集團。他們提供無與倫比的公路、航空和鐵路物流解決方案。在全球 220 多個國家擁有 500,000 名員工。

DHL Parcel Poland 是 DHL 快遞服務,用於在波蘭境內的商店與其客戶之間遞送包裹。

如何跟踪 DHL Parcel 波蘭包裹?

要跟踪 DHL Parcel Poland 包裹,請在上方字段中輸入跟踪號,單擊“承運人”按鈕並選擇“DHL Parcel Poland”,如果您不確定哪個承運人運送您的包裹,然後離開系統選擇承運人自動代表您,然後單擊“跟踪”按鈕,然後您將被重定向到跟踪結果頁面,您將在其中找到有關您的貨物的詳細信息,包括位置和日期。

DHL Parcel Poland 追踪號碼是什麼樣的?

DHL Parcel Poland 追踪號碼有兩種形式:

  • 表格 1 有 11 位數字,例如 20134573938、21134573654。
  • 表格 2 的長度為 26-27 個字符,以字母“JD”或“JJD”開頭,後跟 24 位數字。例如 JD000020099946000000009665、JJD000020021762000000431095。

DHL Parcel Poland 需要多長時間才能遞送您的包裹?

交貨時間主要取決於您的包裹寄件人選擇的目的地位置和DHL服務。對於國內包裹,交貨時間應為2-7 天

DHL Parcel Poland 貨件追踪通過的狀態示例

Arrive at [Chongqing International Mail Processing Center] (via transfer)
Customer was notified about the date and place for picking up shipment
DHL received electronic data of shipment
DHL received electronic shipment data. Information will be updated after Sender hands out shipment for transport
Delivery failed. Shipment awaiting consecutive delivery cycle
Delivery to DHL POP is planned on the next working day
Delivery to DHL POP was not possible.There will be another delivery attempt
Electronic information of goods has been received
Electronic information submitted by shipper
Invalid address for delivery. Please contact DHL Parcel Customer Service Department at 42 6 345 345
Leave [Chongqing International Company Direct Small Packet Business Department], the next stop【Chongqing International】
Leave [Chongqing International Mail Processing Center], next stop [Chongqing International Mail Exchange Station] (via transfer)
Notification has been sent to recipient
Parcel Data Received
Recipient refused to pick up shipment
Recipient’s decision: shipment to be picked up in person in DHL POP
Shipment accepted at DHL shipping terminal
Shipment arrived in Poland
Shipment arrived in branch office
Shipment arrived to DHL POP
Shipment handed out to courier for delivery
Shipment has been collected from DHL POP
Shipment in customs clearance
Shipment in transport
Shipment is waiting to be collected from DHL POP
Shipment left Poland
Shipment picked up by DHL courier from DHL POP
Shipment ready to be delivered on the next working day
Shipment returned to sender
Shipment sent from DHL POP is waiting to be collected by DHL courier
Shipment under processing in sorting depot
Shipment was delivered to recipient
Shipment will be returned to sender, addressee unknown
Sorting and preparation for sealing and distribution
The Destination Country Post Office receives the parcel sorting
The Item is at the shippers warehouse
The consignment has arrived in the country of destination
The item has been processed in the country of destination
The item is ready for shipment
The local customs office allowed him to leave
The package arrived at the customs of the destination country
The package arrived at the logistics warehouse and was successfully collected