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Vnlin is a delivery service company headquartered in Doha Qatar


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Vnlin is a delivery service company headquartered in Doha Qatar, it is the leading company in the Middle East, provides logistics services for e-commerce one-stop end-to-end e-commerce logistics solutions, including international transport, customs clearance, overseas warehouse, last-mile delivery ( deliver goods form transportation hub to the final delivery destination ), cash-on-delivery, and reverse logistics.

Track Vnlin parcels

4TRACKING will help you track shipments and parcels shipped with Vnlin. all you have to do is put your Vnlin tracking number at the field above, and click on tracking button and wait some seconds to get all information including locations and dates.

What do Vnlin tracking numbers look like?

Vnlin tracking numbers can be summarized as follows:

(# = Letter / * = number /! = Number or letter)

  • CNB *** *** *
  • Z *** *** *
  • Z *** ***

Vnlin logistics services

Vnlin company offers many service including :

  1. E-commerce logistics Solutions : one-stop end-to-end e-commerce logistics solutions.
  2. International express mail service : Vnlin Express is the most convenient way to send parcel to the Middle East.
  3. B2B with FBS/FBA : For the Middle East third-party platform such as FBA/FBS/FBN, Vnlin provides Business-to-Business international transport, customs clearance, delivery and warehousing one-stop Middle East logistics solutions for e-commerce sellers.
  4. Middle East Overseas Warehousing : Vinlin has it warehouses in Emirates Dubai, Saudi Arabia Riyadh, Qatar Doha.

Examples of statuses which Vnlin shipment tracking passes

Allotted For Calling
Arrival at Hub
Arrival received colletion warehouse,[Dubai International Station Distribution Centre]
Arrival to Delivery Station
Arrive to headquarters warehouse
Arrived Delivery Facility
Arrived Facility
Arrived at destination country
Arrived at local distribution center
Arrived at pickup location
Arrived destination Airport
Arrived in loading warehouse
Arrived to pickup shop
Assigned to the Courier
At warehouse
Attempted After Close Time
Attempted Delivery - Consignee Changed Delivery Address - Delivery Rescheduled
Closed On Arrival
Collected from Retail
Consignee information collection
Consignee information collection.Delivery date is 2023-06-08
Customs Released
Customs clearance start
Customs inspection
Departed on Flight
Entered w/h - assigned to pickup point
Entered w/h - was not assigned to pickup point
Entered w/h - was not assigned to pickup point / wrong phone number
Flight take off
Future delivery requested
Hand over to fordeal faclity
Hold For Collection
Hold In Warehouse
Holiday / Business Closed
IN HUB -dispatched area
Incomplete address
Incorrect phone number
Incorrect phone numberATTEMPTED - MOBILE WRONG
Instation Scan
Intercept as shipper requested
Location Information Received
Location change
Location changeAttempted - Another Area
Mobile switched off
Next delivery cycle
No Respond
No RespondAttempted - No Answer / Mobile Close
Off Shelves
On the way to pickup location
Order created
Original package on shelves
Package intercept
Parcel Cleared from customs
Parcel Held by customs
Ready for Collection on expect day 2023-06-08
Refused-Cancelled Order
Refused-Other(Request to open/fake/wrong item)
Refused-duplicate order
Release_On Hold
Remote Areas Delivery will be delay
Requested For Open Delivery
Return To Shipper
Return to Warehouse
Return to shipper
Returning To Vnlin Warehouse
SMS notification sent to consignee
Schedule delivery for next dayAttempted - Reschedule
Scheduled For Delivery
Scheduled For Next Working Day
Send To Local Airport
Sent To Abu Dhabi
Sent To GuangZhou
Sent To HongKong
Sent To Riyadh
Sent To Sharjah
Shipment Arrived At Destination Country - Under Clearance Process
Shipment Delivered
Shipment Departed SMSA Origin Facility
Shipment Departed Smsa Sorting Facility
Shipment Has Been Returned To Shipper
Shipment In Transit to Facility
Shipment In Transit to delivery station
Shipment Information Received
Shipment Is Under Return Process To SMSA Facility
Shipment On Hold
Shipment Picked up from the shipper
Shipment Received At Smsa Sorting Facility
Shipment Received at SMSA Sorting Facility
Shipment arrived at Facility
Shipment at delivery station
Shipment at sorting Facility
Shipment held in warehouse on shelves H 03
Shipment is Out for Delivery
Shipment received by carrier
Shipment transferred
Shipment was cleared from custom
The parcel is on the way to destination country
Unpacking shelves
Wait to WMS
Whatsapp To Customer
Wrong phone number
[Dubai International Station Distribution Centre]first transfer shipment scan ,next station [NORG],Operator [DB00000391]