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TrackYourParcel: Interpost's real-time parcel tracking service throughout Europe and beyond.


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TrackYourParcel, powered by Interpost (formerly known as B2C Europe), is your go-to solution for smart delivery and return logistics across Europe. Interpost has long established its reputation as a reliable wholesaler specializing in cross-border distribution solutions tailored to the unique demands of the e-commerce industry. Through strategic partnerships and domestic direct access agreements with an array of postal and private delivery entities, Interpost ensures robust and cost-effective tracked parcel solutions spanning the European continent.

The tracking process via TrackYourParcel is streamlined for user convenience. By simply entering your order number or the unique TYP Number, and subsequently providing the destination's zipcode or postal code when prompted, users are granted comprehensive insights into the journey of their package. However, it's worth noting that once a parcel has been dispatched through Interpost, altering the destination address is not possible. Parcels marked with an incorrect or incomplete address are usually returned to the originating online retailer.

About Interpost and B2C Europe

Strategically positioned in Slough, near London’s Heathrow Airport, Interpost Ltd. stands as a pivotal player in the international mail and e-commerce parcel landscape. Their offerings are widespread, targeting postal operators, consolidators, and e-commerce integrators not only in the UK but also spanning the USA and other global regions. The company's forte lies in its efficient and affordable mail and tracked parcel solutions that leverage the domestic agreements of numerous delivery agencies. Moreover, their international mail solutions incorporate collaborations with renowned postal operators, including PostNL, Eestipost, and Swedenpost.

Under the broader umbrella of B2C Europe, with its primary UK operations rooted in Slough, Interpost taps into the expertise of a seasoned team. This team collaboratively works with e-commerce and logistics entities in the UK, furnishing them with cross-border delivery and returns strategies. Not just limited to the UK, B2C Europe's global footprint extends with sales offices and distribution hubs spread across Europe, China, and the USA, offering an array of services. These range from e-commerce shipping solutions, customs handling, tax representation, and more. It's worth noting that InterPost Ltd operates as the wholesale subsidiary of B2C Europe, with satellite companies stationed in countries like Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, China, and the USA.

How to Utilize TrackYourParcel for Shipment Tracking

Tracking with TrackYourParcel

Monitoring your shipments becomes effortless with TrackYourParcel. Upon dispatch of your package, a distinctive tracking or waybill number is generated. This identifier enables users to access real-time information on their parcel's status, fostering transparency and boosting customer confidence.

How to Track TrackYourParcel shipments?

Simply enter your order number or TYP Number on the TrackYourParcel platform or use our shipment tracking platform. When using our platform, click the "Carrier" button and select "TrackYourParcel." Next, provide the destination's zipcode or postal code and country when prompted. Finally, click the "Track" button, and you'll be redirected to the results page where you can view detailed information about the status and location of your shipment.

TrackYourParcel Shipment Across Various Regions

TrackYourParcel isn't limited to European consignments. It extends its tracking capabilities for postal and courier shipments originating from diverse regions, including China, Israel, USA, UK, Italy, France, and the Netherlands.

For Concerns and Assistance

Interpost remains committed to facilitating seamless shipment experiences. In case of any concerns or discrepancies, customers are encouraged to reach out to their dedicated support team. Their in-depth knowledge and proactive approach ensure swift resolutions, maintaining the brand's reputation for reliability and efficiency in the logistics domain.

Frequently Asked Questions about TrackYourParcel

What is TrackYourParcel?

TrackYourParcel is a service provided by Interpost (B2C Europe) that allows users to check the delivery status of their parcels across Europe and other regions.

Is there a cost associated with using TrackYourParcel?

TrackYourParcel is a complimentary service provided to Interpost customers, allowing them to track their shipments without any additional charges.

Can I change the delivery address using TrackYourParcel after my parcel is dispatched?

Unfortunately, once a parcel is dispatched, the destination address cannot be changed through Interpost. Parcels with incorrect or incomplete addresses will typically be returned to the original online retailer.

How frequently is the tracking information updated?

Tracking information is updated in real-time as and when the parcel progresses through various stages of the delivery process. However, there may occasionally be slight delays due to system updates or other logistical factors.

What regions can I track my parcel in using TrackYourParcel?

While Interpost primarily offers solutions across Europe, with TrackYourParcel, you can track shipments from various regions, including China, Israel, USA, UK, Italy, France, and the Netherlands.

What should I do if my tracking information shows no updates or appears stagnant?

If your tracking information remains unchanged for an extended period, please reach out to Interpost's customer service for assistance. It could be a system delay or a logistical issue that needs addressing.

What does it mean if my parcel is marked as "Returned to Sender"?

This typically means the parcel couldn't be delivered to the provided address (due to reasons like an incomplete address or recipient unavailability). In such cases, the parcel is usually returned to the original online retailer or sender.

Can I use TrackYourParcel for both domestic and international shipments?

Yes, TrackYourParcel facilitates the tracking of both domestic and international shipments, leveraging Interpost's widespread network and collaborations.

I've lost my TYP Number. How can I track my shipment?

If you've misplaced your TYP Number, it's recommended to contact the online retailer from where you made the purchase or get in touch with Interpost's customer support for further assistance.