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StarGlobal also known as SGF and its a Chinese logistics company founded in 2010


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Star Global

StarGlobal also known as SGF and its a Chinese logistics company founded in 2010 and headquartered in Guangzhou, China. they also has branches in Shenzhen and Dongguan, On the basis of professional international freight forwarding, the company integrates high-quality freight transportation lines, Overseas warehouse service, Amazon FBA services.

StarGlobal has partnered with express delivery companies such as UPS, FedEx and DHL Express to provide a fast delivery service experience.

How do I track StarGlobal shipments?

To track a StarGlobal shipments, put the tracking number in the field above, click on "Carrier" button and select "StarGlobal", if you are not sure which carrier delivers your shipment, then leave the system to choose the carrier automatically on your behalf, after that click on "Track" button, then you will be redirected to the tracking results page where you will find detailed information about your shipment including locations and dates.

How does StarGlobal tracking numbers look like?

StarGlobal tracking numbers has 17 characters in length it starts with letter SGF followed by 2 characters A to Z followed by 10 digits followed by 2 letter 'YQ' e.g. SGFAA1234567890YQ, SGFDE9876543211YQ.

How long does it take for StarGlobal to deliver your shipments?

According to the official StarGlobal website, StartGlobal will deliver your packages from China to Europe and Canada within 6-10 days and 4-7 days to the United States.

Examples of statuses which Star Global shipment tracking passes

Arrive at the sorting and distribution center
Arrived to Israel
Cleared Customs
Consignment lost in Hub
Delayed by customs
Delivered to Recipient
Delivery Process
Delivery Rescheduled
Delivery to local courier company
Departure from the airport of origin domestic
Id Required message sent to rcpt
Import customs clearance
In transit to Israel
Item accepted
Item arrives at destination
Item information received
Leaving the sorting center, the package is on the way
No Reponse by recipient
Notification sent to recipient
Out for delivery
Package received at processing center
Pending pickup by courier
Pickup point Selected
Requires Correct Telephone Number
Return to warehouse
Shipment didnt arrive
Terminal Storage
The electronic information of the goods has been received
Unable to locate Consignee
shipment lost