SPRINT PACK is a cross-border logistics company with its headquarters in Belgium


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Originating in Europe and beginning with e-commerce, SprintPack operates as an extension of Europe's thriving e-commerce logistics. This robust logistics solution provider is a collaboration between notable e-commerce logistics service platform P2P Mailing Limited from the UK and major European truck mainline network and e-commerce logistics service providers. Together, they focus on breaking down the barriers of cross-border parcel delivery, providing comprehensive B2C bulk postal and express delivery solutions across Europe and the globe. Their success is evident through their integration of fragmented delivery services in Europe, resulting in a unified delivery network, recognized multiple times with prestigious European logistics industry awards.

Services and Specializations

SprintPack offers a gamut of services ranging from cross-border e-commerce logistics, warehousing, supply chain management, to delivery solutions. Their objective is clear: to provide Chinese e-commerce with the most localized European logistics services. This allows Chinese e-commerce businesses to effortlessly harness the benefits of European local e-commerce's most trusted collection, storage, mainline truck network, international transportation, and the "last mile" delivery resources.

Global Presence

SprintPack boasts a professional global team with key members hailing from Europe, Asia, and the USA. These core members bring together over 150 years of professional logistics experience. With headquarters situated in Beijing, China, they've also established offices in five major cities within China. However, their global footprint doesn't stop there. SprintPack Belgium is a prominent member of the SD Group Logistics in Belgium, a formidable player in warehousing and transport. In addition to their expansive warehousing capabilities in Belgium, SprintPack operates distribution centers in Beijing, specifically catering to the Chinese market.

Shipment Tracking with SprintPack

How Shipment Tracking Works

One of the flagship logistics solutions of P2P Mailing Limited is TRAKPAK, which stands out as the world's pioneering tracked solution specifically designed to support e-commerce. It simplifies cross-border order fulfillment, making it as easy and cost-effective as domestic shipping. Customers can easily track their packages, ensuring transparency and enhancing customer trust.

How to Track SprintPack shipments?

To track SprintPack shipments, you need to enter your tracking number into the designated field, and click the "Carrier" button, then select "SPRINT PACK". If you're uncertain about which carrier is handling your shipment, the system can automatically select the carrier for you. Afterward, click the "Track" button, and you'll be redirected to the tracking results page, where you can find detailed information about your shipment's status and location.

How Does the SPRINT PACK Tracking Number Look Like?

SPRINT PACK tracking numbers typically follow formats such as LP123456789GB, LP123456789US, QP123456789GB, VC123456789US, and MB123456789GB.

Shipment Delivery Time

The delivery time can vary based on the destination and the chosen shipping method. For instance, cross-border deliveries to European countries might differ in delivery times compared to shipments within China. However, with their comprehensive network, SprintPack ensures timely deliveries, meeting or often exceeding customer expectations.

Frequently asked questions about SPRINT PACK


SPRINT PACK is a global logistics solution provider, specializing in e-commerce parcel delivery. They offer a range of domestic and international delivery, pickup point solutions, e-commerce return shipping solutions, fulfillment, and web services.

Where is SPRINT PACK's headquarters located?

SPRINT PACK's primary headquarters is situated in Belgium, with additional operations and distribution centers in Beijing, catering to the European and Chinese markets respectively.

How long does it take for SPRINT PACK to deliver a package?

The delivery time varies based on the destination and service chosen. It is best to refer to the estimated delivery time provided at the time of shipping or to track your package using the SPRINT PACK tracking number for a more accurate timeline.

What should I do if my package hasn't been delivered within the expected timeframe?

If your package hasn't been delivered within the expected delivery window, you should first track your shipment using the provided tracking number. If there's no update or you encounter issues, you can contact SPRINT PACK's customer service for assistance.

Can I change my delivery address after the shipment is dispatched?

Modifying the delivery address after dispatch might be challenging and could incur additional charges. It's essential to contact SPRINT PACK's customer support immediately for any potential adjustments.

What happens if my package is damaged upon arrival?

If you receive a damaged package, report the issue to SPRINT PACK's customer service as soon as possible. They'll guide you on the necessary steps for claims or reshipment, if applicable.

How do I return a package with SPRINT PACK?

SPRINT PACK offers e-commerce return shipping solutions. To initiate a return, follow the guidelines provided by the merchant you purchased from or contact SPRINT PACK directly for specific instructions.

How can I contact SPRINT PACK if I have an issue with my shipment?

You can reach out to SPRINT PACK's customer support through their official website. They offer contact options like email, phone, or even live chat in some regions.

Does SPRINT PACK provide services for businesses?

Yes, SPRINT PACK caters to e-commerce businesses, offering them comprehensive logistics solutions, including warehousing, supply chain management, and more.