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Hanbang is a key provider of cross-border e-commerce logistics from China to over 100 countries.


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Founded in 2023, Hanbang Supply Chain has quickly established itself as a pivotal provider of cross-border e-commerce logistics services in China. With a service scope that reaches over 100 countries and regions, Hanbang is instrumental in facilitating the global operations of major e-commerce platforms like Amazon. The company's headquarters, nestled in the heart of China’s bustling commercial landscape, acts as a central hub from which it coordinates its extensive logistics operations.

Services and Strategic Vision

Hanbang Supply Chain is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of logistics services which include international express services, dedicated line solutions, overseas warehousing, and specialized Amazon FBA services. These offerings are designed to meet the diverse needs of global e-commerce entities, ensuring fast, reliable, and efficient delivery of goods across international borders. With a growing team of over 30 logistics professionals and strategic branches across mainland China, Hanbang is expanding its reach with plans to launch an international global dedicated line in 2023.

Commitment to Excellence

Adhering to a philosophy of "integrity, unity, and innovation," Hanbang Supply Chain strives to offer "fast, accurate, and convenient" logistics solutions. The company is committed to supporting the growth of Chinese cross-border e-commerce enterprises by ensuring effective and direct global parcel delivery services. Looking forward, Hanbang has laid out a strategic plan to enhance its global network layout over the next five years, aiming to provide an ever-improving service experience to its customers.

Shipment Tracking with Hanbang Supply Chain

How Shipment Tracking Works

Hanbang Supply Chain leverages advanced tracking technology to allow customers and businesses to monitor their shipments effectively. Through Hanbang’s tracking system, users can enter their unique tracking number to access real-time updates on the status and location of their parcels throughout the delivery process.

Tracking Number Format

The tracking numbers provided by Hanbang Supply Chain typically start with 'HBGJ' followed by a sequence of digits and letters, such as HBGJ12345678YQ. This format helps in uniquely identifying and tracking each shipment, ensuring transparency and accountability from dispatch to delivery.

How to track Hanbang shipments?

To track a Hanbang shipment, enter your tracking number into the designated field and click on the "Carrier" button. Then, select "Hanbang" from the options. If you are unsure about which carrier is handling your shipment, the system can automatically identify the carrier for you. Next, click the "Track" button. You will be redirected to a tracking results page, where detailed information about your shipment's status and location is displayed.

Shipment Delivery Time

Delivery times for Hanbang Supply Chain vary based on destination, service type, and logistics routes. For example, shipments to Brazil and other South American countries can range from a few days for express services to a couple of weeks for standard shipping options. Hanbang's dedicated international lines are specifically designed to optimize these transit times, providing faster and more reliable service options for businesses and consumers alike.

Customer Support and Contact Information

Contacting Hanbang Supply Chain

For any issues related to shipments, it is recommended that customers first contact the seller, sender, or store from which they purchased their goods. These parties often have established relationships with logistics providers like Hanbang and can facilitate more effective communication and quicker resolution of any concerns.

Hanbang Supply Chain is poised to become a leader in global logistics, especially in supporting the expansive needs of e-commerce businesses across diverse international markets. With its innovative approach and strategic growth plans, Hanbang is committed to enhancing the logistics experience for its customers worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my tracking number isn't working?

If your tracking number isn't working, first ensure that you have entered the tracking number correctly. If the number is correct but still not working, it may be due to a delay in the system updating; please allow some time for the information to appear. If the issue continues, contact the seller or store from which you purchased the item as they can directly communicate with Hanbang for a faster resolution.

How long does it take for tracking information to become available?

Tracking information usually becomes available once the shipment has been processed and entered into the Hanbang system. This typically occurs within 24 hours of the shipment leaving the warehouse. If you do not see tracking information beyond this timeframe, it is advisable to reach out to the seller for further clarification.

What can I do if my shipment is delayed?

If your shipment is delayed, continuously check the tracking updates for any new information regarding the delay. If there are no updates or if the delay is substantial, contact the seller or store for assistance. They are in a better position to inquire directly with Hanbang Supply Chain and can provide updates or expedite a resolution on your behalf.

How do I report a missing or damaged shipment?

To report a missing or damaged shipment, immediately contact the seller or store where you made the purchase. Provide them with your order details and a description of the issue. For damaged shipments, include photographic evidence if possible. The seller will coordinate with Hanbang to address the complaint and determine the necessary steps for compensation or replacement.

Can I change the delivery address after my shipment has been dispatched?

Once a shipment has been dispatched, changing the delivery address is generally not possible due to logistics and security reasons. However, you should contact the seller as soon as possible if an address change is necessary. They can advise on the feasibility and help communicate the change to Hanbang if the shipment's status allows for such modifications.

What should I do if the tracking status shows delivered, but I haven't received my package?

If the tracking status indicates that your package has been delivered but you haven't received it, check around your delivery area and with neighbors first. If the package is still not found, contact the seller immediately. They can initiate a trace with Hanbang Supply Chain to locate your package or arrange for a replacement or refund, depending on the situation.