SYD Tracking

SYD is a Chinese delivery service company based in Shenzhen, China.


Track SYD shipments from China


SYD is a Chinese logistics company headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The company mainly engaged in international express delivery, international small parcels and international air transport. SYD focuses on providing safe and convenient international logistics services for small and medium-sized foreign trade-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises and individual foreign trade sellers across China, so that the shipments of the majority of sellers can arrive safely, accurately and quickly in the hands of customers.

SYD mainly provides customers with high-quality international parcels, international express delivery and international special lines and other logistics services such as China Post, Hong Kong Post, Swiss Post, Swedish Post, Singapore Post, Netherlands Post. as well as International Express logistics such as China EMS (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, etc.), Hong Kong EMS, Hong Kong DHL, DHL China, Hong Kong UPS, Hong Kong FedEx and FedEx China. Their International special line includes American special line, British special line, European special line, Australian special line and Singapore special line.

How do I track SYD shipments from China?

To track a SYD shipments from China, put the tracking number in the field above, click on "Carrier" button and select "SYD", if you are not sure which carrier delivers your shipment, then leave the system to choose the carrier automatically on your behalf, after that click on "Track" button, then you will be redirected to the tracking results page where you will find detailed information about your shipment including locations and dates.

How long does it take for SYD to deliver shipments from China?

According to our statistics, SYD will deliver your shipments from China to any country in the world within 20-30 days, sometimes up to 60 days depend on delivery service used.