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Saee is a Saudi Arabia logistics company located at Jeddah


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Established in 2010 by Mr. Eihab Nassier and Dr. Tariq Al-Turkistani, Saee has grown to become a prominent logistics company in Saudi Arabia. With its headquarters in Jeddah, Saee operates efficiently through its network of collection centers located in key cities including Jeddah, Makkah, Riyadh, and the Eastern Province. The company specializes in receiving orders from various stores, processing them at these centers, and ensuring timely deliveries across the region.

How to track Saee shipments?

To track Saee shipments, you need to enter your tracking number into the designated field, and click the "Carrier" button, then select "Saee". If you're uncertain about which carrier is handling your shipment, the system can automatically select the carrier for you. Afterward, click the "Track" button, and you'll be redirected to the tracking results page, where you can find detailed information about your shipment's status and location.

Saee Tracking Numbers

Understanding Saee tracking numbers is key to effectively track your shipments. A standard Saee tracking number consists of 12 characters: It begins with 2 letters, followed by 8 digits, and ends with 'KS' (e.g., OS22345678KS). This format helps in accurately identifying and monitoring the status of shipments.

Where Can I Find My Saee Tracking Number?

Your Saee tracking number is typically available on the order page of the store from which you made your purchase. Alternatively, it can be found in the confirmation email sent to you when the seller dispatches your shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Saee

How do I report a problem with my Saee shipment?

If you encounter any issues with your Saee shipment, such as delays or missing shipments, you can report these directly to Saee's customer service. They can be reached through their contact page on the website, or via the customer service phone number provided in your shipment confirmation.

What should I do if my Saee tracking number isn't working?

If your Saee tracking number isn’t working, first ensure that you've entered it correctly. If the problem persists, it could be due to a delay in the tracking system updating. Wait a short period and try again. If the issue continues, contact Saee customer service for assistance.

Can I change the delivery address of my Saee shipment?

Changing the delivery address of a Saee shipment may be possible if the shipment has not yet been dispatched. Contact Saee customer service as soon as possible to request any changes. Note that this might not be feasible for all orders, depending on their processing stage.

How can I contact Saee for shipment or tracking issues?

For any shipment or tracking issues with Saee, you can reach out to their customer service team. Contact details can be found on Saee’s website or in the documentation provided with your shipment. They offer support for tracking inquiries, shipment updates, and resolving delivery issues.

What are the typical delivery times for Saee shipments?

Delivery times for Saee shipments vary depending on the destination within Saudi Arabia. Typically, deliveries are completed within a few days from the time of dispatch. For more accurate information, refer to the estimated delivery dates provided with your tracking information.

Examples of statuses which Saee shipment tracking passes

الطلب أرجع لمستودع العميل
الطلب أنشئ
الطلب أنشئ ولازال مع المصدر
الطلب استلم من البائع
الطلب استلم من العميل
الطلب تم حجزه
الطلب قيد الإنتظار
الطلب قيد الانتظار
الطلب مع المندوب للتوصيل
الطلب وصل إلى منطقة الفرز
الطلب وصل لمستودع ساعي
تم استلام الطلب من العميل
تم انشاء شحنة جديدة
تم تسليم الطلب
فشل في توصيل الطلب
في الطريق
في الطريق لمستودع ساعي
لم يتم استلامها
مع المندوب للإرجاع إلى المصدر