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HUANSHI is a versatile logistics provider in China specializing in efficient shipment tracking.


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HUANSHI, established in November 2014 and located in the north of the Xiong'an New Area, is a professional cross-border comprehensive service provider in China. Originating from and servicing the cross-border e-commerce sector, HUANSHI has grown to serve over 2000 clients, demonstrating its significant impact in the industry.

Expansion and Services

HUANSHI has expanded its operations across several key locations in China, including Baoding, Nanyang, Zhengzhou, Yiwu, Shenzhen, and Beijing, where it operates directly-managed warehouses or cooperates with local warehouses. The company is also actively preparing for the launch of a new warehouse in Quanzhou, further expanding its logistics capabilities.

Over the years, HUANSHI has evolved into a comprehensive service provider encompassing cross-border logistics, supply chain solutions, and training services. The company's logistics channels include primary postal services, international mail, specialized lines, and FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), while its cross-border supply chain services cover sourcing, warehousing, and dropshipping. HUANSHI also offers cross-border training covering major e-commerce platforms like AliExpress, Amazon, WISH, Shopee, and independent sites.

Shipment Tracking with HUANSHI

Online Tracking System

HUANSHI offers an online tracking system, allowing customers to monitor their shipments in real-time. This system enhances transparency and provides clients with up-to-date information on the status and location of their shipments.

Tracking Number Format

Each shipment handled by HUANSHI is assigned a unique tracking number that starts with 'HSES', followed by a series of letters and numbers. This format enables efficient and accurate tracking of shipments, allowing customers and the company to manage deliveries effectively.

How to Track HUANSHI Shipments?

To track HUANSHI shipments, you need to enter your tracking number into the designated field, and click the "Carrier" button, then select "HUANSHI". If you're uncertain about which carrier is handling your shipment, the system can automatically select the carrier for you. Afterward, click the "Track" button, and you'll be redirected to the tracking results page, where you can find detailed information about your shipment's status and location.

Shipment Delivery Times and Customer Support

Examples of Delivery Times

International Deliveries: Delivery times for international shipments vary based on the destination and the selected logistics channel. However, HUANSHI aims to provide efficient and timely delivery, typically aligning with industry standards for international shipping.

Contacting HUANSHI for Shipment Issues

For any issues related to shipments, customers are advised to contact the sellers or suppliers on platforms like AliExpress, Amazon, WISH, and eBay. These sellers have direct communication with HUANSHI and are more effective in obtaining prompt responses and resolving shipment-related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my HUANSHI tracking number isn't working?

If your HUANSHI tracking number isn’t functioning properly, first ensure that it’s been entered accurately. If the issue persists, it might be due to a delay in the system updating the tracking information. Please wait for some time and try again. If the problem continues, it’s recommended to contact the seller or supplier from whom you made your purchase on platforms like AliExpress, Amazon, WISH, and eBay, as they have direct communication with HUANSHI for issue resolution.

What can I do if my HUANSHI shipment is delayed?

If your HUANSHI shipment is experiencing delays, first use the online tracking system to check for any updates or notifications about the delay. If additional information is needed or the delay is significant, contact the seller or supplier for further assistance. They can provide insights and communicate with HUANSHI to ascertain the cause of the delay and the expected delivery time.

How do I report a lost or damaged package with HUANSHI?

If your package is lost or arrives damaged, the first step is to contact the seller or supplier from the platform where the purchase was made. They will coordinate with HUANSHI to address the issue. Provide all necessary details, including the tracking number and a description of the problem, for an efficient resolution process.

Can I change the delivery address for my HUANSHI shipment?

Changing the delivery address after a shipment is in transit with HUANSHI can be challenging. If such a need arises, contact the seller or supplier immediately with your request. They will communicate with HUANSHI to check if an address change is possible at that stage of the shipment’s journey.

What are the typical delivery times for HUANSHI shipments?

The delivery times for HUANSHI shipments vary based on the destination and the type of service. Generally, international deliveries are aimed to be efficient and timely, aligning with industry standards for international shipping. However, exact timeframes may vary based on the destination country and customs processes.

Who should I contact for further questions or issues with my HUANSHI shipment?

For any further questions or issues regarding your HUANSHI shipment, it's advisable to contact the seller or supplier from whom the purchase was made. They have direct contact with HUANSHI and can effectively address any shipment-related queries or concerns.


In summary, HUANSHI stands as a dynamic and customer-focused logistics service provider in China, committed to offering a wide range of cross-border e-commerce solutions. With advanced tracking capabilities and a focus on customer service, HUANSHI continues to enhance its role in the international trade and e-commerce sectors.