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DYJ is a Chinese logistics company headquartered in Shenzhen, China.


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Shenzhen DYJ International Logistics Co., Ltd., known as DYJ, is a specialized cross-border logistics company based in Shenzhen, China. Embracing the service philosophy of "Fast delivery, Trustworthy service," DYJ focuses on providing professional logistics solutions for cross-border e-commerce businesses. With a self-developed system and collaboration with various channels, DYJ offers comprehensive, technology-driven, and information-based logistics solutions. The company is committed to delivering timely, safe, and reliable services to its customers.

DYJ's market strategy is centered on customer satisfaction, offering precise, secure, and timely logistics solutions to meet customer needs. By enhancing service convenience and advancing logistics industry informatization, DYJ contributes to the rapid development of the logistics sector. The company has established rigorous service standards and advanced management practices to deliver top-notch services, aiming to become a leading brand in the logistics industry.

One of DYJ's prominent services is the USA Direct Line Small Package channel, which uses direct flights from China and Hong Kong to the USA, leveraging extensive overseas resources. This service is tailored for cross-border B2C e-commerce sellers targeting the US market, offering fast and efficient logistics solutions. Additionally, DYJ provides specialized channels for sensitive products, such as electronics and cosmetics, ensuring safe and compliant transportation.

Another notable service is the US Virtual Warehouse Drop Shipping, which includes warehouses in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Houston authorized by USPS. This service enables cross-border sellers to deliver packages within the US in 3-5 days without maintaining inventory abroad. Furthermore, DYJ offers a Taiwan Sea Freight service, providing detailed customs and shipping solutions for efficient and cost-effective transportation from mainland China to Taiwan.

Shipment Tracking with DYJ

How Shipment Tracking Works

DYJ's shipment tracking system is designed to provide real-time updates on the status of consignments. Each shipment is assigned a unique tracking number that can be used to monitor the package from dispatch to delivery. This tracking number, which starts with 'DYJ' followed by a combination of letters and digits (e.g., DYJAA12345678YQ), can be entered on the DYJ website or partner platforms to access tracking information.

Tracking Number Formats

DYJ tracking numbers follow a specific format to ensure accurate tracking and identification. The format starts with 'DYJ' and includes a mix of letters and numbers. Examples of DYJ tracking numbers include:

  • DYJAA12345678YQ
  • DYJBB98765432YQ

These tracking numbers are essential for accessing shipment status and location updates.

How to track DYJ shipments?

To track a DYJ shipment, enter your tracking number into the designated field and click on the "Carrier" button. Then, select "DYJ" from the options. If you are unsure about which carrier is handling your shipment, the system can automatically identify the carrier for you. Next, click the "Track" button. You will be redirected to a tracking results page, where detailed information about your shipment's status and location is displayed.

Shipment Delivery Time

The delivery time for shipments handled by DYJ varies based on the destination and the type of service selected. For the USA Direct Line Small Package channel, the estimated delivery time is:

  • Express Line: 5-7 business days
  • Standard Line: 12-15 business days

For the US Virtual Warehouse Drop Shipping service, delivery within the US typically takes 3-5 days. For the Taiwan Sea Freight service, delivery time ranges from 7 to 15 days, depending on the shipping schedule and customs clearance processes.

Contacting DYJ for Shipment Issues

If you encounter issues with your shipments, it is recommended to contact the seller, sender, or retailer first, as they often have better communication channels with Chinese logistics companies like DYJ. The seller or retailer can provide more reliable assistance and help resolve any tracking or delivery issues you might face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my tracking number not working?

If your tracking number is not working, ensure that you have entered the correct format. If the issue persists, contact the seller, sender, or retailer for assistance. They can provide updated tracking information or help resolve the issue with DYJ.

Why is there no update on my shipment status?

Shipment status updates might be delayed due to operational issues or system lags. If there is no update for an extended period, contact the seller, sender, or retailer to inquire about the current status of your shipment.

What does "In Transit" mean on my shipment status?

"In Transit" means that your shipment is on its way to the delivery address. It has been picked up and is currently being transported through the DYJ network.

What should I do if my shipment is delayed?

If your shipment is delayed, check the tracking information for any updates or notifications. If the delay is significant, contact the seller, sender, or retailer to inquire about the reason for the delay and the expected delivery time.

How can I change the delivery address for my shipment?

To change the delivery address, contact the seller, sender, or retailer as soon as possible. They will coordinate with DYJ to update the delivery address. Changes may be subject to certain conditions and fees.

What happens if I miss the delivery?

If you miss the delivery, DYJ will usually attempt to deliver your shipment again. If multiple delivery attempts are unsuccessful, the shipment may be held at a DYJ facility for pickup or returned to the sender. Contact the seller, sender, or retailer to arrange a convenient time for redelivery or pickup.

How do I report a lost or damaged shipment?

If your shipment is lost or damaged, contact the seller, sender, or retailer immediately. Provide them with your tracking number and details of the issue. They will assist you in filing a claim with DYJ and resolving the matter.

Can I schedule a pickup for my shipment?

Yes, you can schedule a pickup for your shipment by contacting the seller, sender, or retailer. They will arrange the pickup with DYJ according to your specified details.

How do I request proof of delivery?

To request proof of delivery (POD), contact the seller, sender, or retailer with your tracking number. They will obtain the POD document from DYJ, which includes the recipient's signature and delivery details.

What payment methods does DYJ accept for international shipments?

DYJ accepts various payment methods through its partner platforms. Check with the seller, sender, or retailer for the available payment options when booking your shipment.

How do I contact DYJ for issues with my shipment?

For any issues with your shipment, it is recommended to contact the seller, sender, or retailer first. They have better communication channels with DYJ and can help resolve any problems you might encounter.